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Thomas Mulder Pinterest Mastery

Pinterest as your new income stream
Regular and often unjustified blocks on Facebook make it difficult for entrepreneurs to generate a stable source of income, resulting in a lot of frustration and problems.

The Facebook policy is becoming stricter and Mark Zuckerberg has even indicated that he only wants large companies to advertise on the platform.

What does this mean for you? More and more blocked ad accounts and an unstable online business….

With the right strategy that you learn in the Pinterest Mastery program, you will create an additional revenue stream that is just as good, or even better, than Facebook.

Why Pinterest as an additional traffic source for more online success?
Largest platform after Facebook and Instagram with 400+ million users
No blocked ad accounts as you see with Facebook and Google
Easy and fast to learn and understand
Much cheaper advertising than Facebook or Google
Low competition and high profit margins
What you’ll discover in the Pinterest Mastery program
Product research
Find out how to use Pinterest to find winning products over and over again.

Account Setup
Discover the right way to setup your account to immediately use conversion campaigns.

Ad Creation
Master the recipe for a profitable Pinterest ad and learn how to make these.

Scaling Campaigns
Learn how to make campaigns and find out the exact strategies I use to scale extremely high.

Discover how to use retargeting ads that result in a ridiculously high ROAS.

Case Studies
Get full insight into products and campaigns that I scaled to over 100K.

Thomas Mulder
Driven and disciplined are the words that best describe this eCommerce entrepreneur. Three years ago, Thomas Mulder threw himself completely into his online business and managed to achieve over a million in sales in his first year and many more the years after!

As you can understand, this was very motivating for him and it did not stop there. Continuously looking for improvement he discovered a new way of advertising, which took his business to a new level.

Today he is here to share this new way with you.

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