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Welcome to The Monopoly Trading School

The last 3 years zed monopoly spent his time helping beginners navigate the stock market, He has decided to take a step back and delegate that responsibility to the newest mentors who were once his students. Michael (stock trading) & Thomas (Futures trading) will be taking care of you. Both of these Mentors are profitable traders.

Monopoly Trading School Mission

The school’s mission is to give you the correct knowledge, strategy & tools to help you achieve similar results while also benefiting from a growing private trading community. You will fit in if you’re hard working and respectful towards others. Although results are not typical in trading and you should read the FAQs & disclaimers on this website for further clarification.

About the Course

The course will teach you the basics of trading/stocks and advance to teach you a strategy that you can use while day trading. There’s 8 modules that you will learn and each will lead on to the next.

We will cover my full trading strategy from A-Z with extra bits to get you started on the right path.

  • Basics of stocks and trading
  • Penny Stocks Day Trading Strategy (Video lessons)
  • Earning reports trading strategy (Video lessons)
  • Swing Trading Strategy (Video lessons)
  • Risk management
  • 4 patterns that repeat themselves.
  • Price action
  • General Trading Lessons

SIZE: 6,6 GB

SalesPage(more info): _https://zed-monopoly.teachable.com/

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Zedd Monopoly Platinum
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