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How to Quickly Generate a Flood of Highly Qualified Leads Using a QUIZ Funnel

(And How to Convert Those Leads into Clients Step-by-Step)

Could You Build YOUR Business on the Back of a QUIZ?

There’s never been a better time to start or grow your business with THIS competitive advantage.

Whether you are selling…

Big Companies Everywhere are Leveraging the “Personalization Phenomenon” With QUIZZES…

From Saatva Mattress, the $375 million mattress company that came out of nowhere on the back of a quiz, the well-known bridal company David’s Bridal, the skincare company Murad, AirBnB, and markets ranging from coffee subscriptions to vitamins to charities to even the RV market…

Quizzes are EVERYWHERE.

Top 5 Reasons Why

QUIZ Funnels Are So Effective

The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass

($5,000 Value)

The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass is a 6-Week step-by-step training taking you through the entire process of creating your QUIZ Funnel from start to finish…

It’s based on our $5,000 Live In-Person QUIZ Funnel Bootcamp that’s done over $1M in revenue over the past 12 months… That we are bringing online for the FIRST TIME.

Whether you’ve had success with quizzes in the past… You’ve struggled with quizzes… Or you’re a complete beginner starting completely from scratch, beginning with…

The CORE 6-Week QUIZ Funnel Training

LESSON 1: Your Quiz Hook

In this module, we’re going to come up with your hook and test that hook together. We’ll also cover:

LESSON 2: Your Quiz Offer

In this module, we’re going to talk about how to create an irresistible offer on the back of your quiz funnel. We’ll also cover:

LESSON 3: Your Quiz Questions

In this module, we’ll cover how to come up with the right questions to both DIAGNOSE a person’s situation and simultaneously create DEMAND for your product or service. We’ll also cover:

LESSON 4: Your Quiz Pages

In this module, we’ll cover ALL the pages you need to set up your QUIZ Funnel, including…

LESSON 5: Your Quiz Followup

In this module, we’ll cover what happens AFTER your QUIZ, including the entire email follow-up sequence designed to funnel an email lead into becoming a paying customer…

LESSON 6: Optimizing & Scaling

In this module, we’ll cover what happens AFTER you launch your quiz to take it to the next level, including…

PLUS: In Addition to ALL of THAT…

The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass Training ALSO Includes:

So, Just to Sum It All Up…

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[SALES] Ryan Levesque – The Quiz Funnel Masterclass
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