Roger Dawson – Secrets of Power Persuasion


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Learn the proven success secrets that get other people to see things your way without threats, without bribes, and without manipulation.

Secrets of Power Persuasion is the most comprehensive how-to book ever published on the art of how to get what you want from other people. It is required reading for salespeople, managers, marketing specialists, politicians, parents . . . virtually everyone!


  • 8 Magic Keys That Control People
  • How to Use Humor to Control Others
  • 15 Proven Effective Ways to Make People Believe You
  • The Secret of Remembering Names and Faces
  • How to Bring Them to Their Knees with Time Pressure
  • 8 Ways to Persuade the Angry Person
  • 7 Ways to Get Uncooperative People on Your Side
  • 8 Verbal Persuasion Ploys
  • 12 Ways to Develop a Powerful Charisma

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Roger Dawson – Secrets of Power Persuasion
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