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Freedom Business Mentoring – THE GOLDEN TICKET TO YOUR FREEDOM

Start your own online business and  break free from the 9-to-5 hamster wheel!


Dear friend.

No matter how or why you’ve found this page…
I wanted to thank you.

The simple fact that you’re reading these lines means that I have succeeded…

“Succeeded in what?” you might ask.

Let me explain, because I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time… And I wanted to make sure it’s the right time to do this…

You probably know me as Max, the dating coach that has helped people all around the globe become a more self-actualized and attractive version of themselves…

I’ve toured the world four times giving seminars to tens of thousands of people and coaching clients 1:1 for years. And there’s only ONE THING I’ve learned from all of that:

All these bright, smart, hard-working people had exactly ONE thing in common:

They wanted to create their own life – truly.

Because many of them realized: getting their social life together and becoming more attractive was just the first step in taking control over their life, but it didn’t end there…


In fact, it was just the beginning.

Let me explain – my clients made significant improvements in their social lives to such a degree that they would feel confident, happy and attractive in any social setting, no matter where they’d go.

Yet, many of them still felt stuck in a 9-to-5 job… almost like it was eating them alive. You could see it in their eyes… it took the energy from them. It was one of those things that just didn’t seem right. And it made no sense to me.

You know, in game everyone talks about “being the alpha male, not following the crowd, being a leader, not being dependable on someone else, doing your own thing” and all that stuff…

Yet, somehow almost everyone seemed to ignore this when it came to their professional life. And the people I’ve talked to weren’t even unaware of this, in fact – they WANTED to get out, they just didn’t know HOW TO.

A few of them were hustling on ‘side-projects’, using any free time they got to generate additional income… to retire wealthy, to ESCAPE having to show up to work, and maybe to buy some nice luxury items…

But it wasn’t just the money – they wanted to do something that mattered.

Something that made a difference in the world. Something that provided value to people.

And since this was missing in their professions…
It evoked the following question in them:

“When I die and leave this earth, what will I leave behind?” – don’t worry, we will get back to that later…

For now let me tell you, no matter what your motivations might be:
If there’s just ONE thing I learned not only in SELF DEVELOPMENT but also in BUSINESS, then it’s THIS…


You’ve probably seen it. And you’ve also probably done it:
1. You picked one area in your life.

2. You realized what your current situation in that area is.
3. You decided that it shall NOT be like this for the rest of your life.
4. You spotted the flaws and deficiencies.
5. You did some research about what to do.
6. You found somebody that seemed to know what they’re talking about.
7. You followed their advice, applied it and saw different results than before.

Pretty simple, right? Now this could be areas like your health and fitness. This can be your social life. This can be your happiness and overall well-being. It can also be your financial situation.

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