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GET CRYSTAL BRAND CLARITY… Build a brand that represents you and your personality. Attract the right clients with an impactful message.

Brand New Brand is my signature brand incubation program. I’ll guide you through the exact process I use with my $10K-30K+ 1-on-1 clients, from start to finish. (For a whole lot less!)

Do you know the *only* difference between you and such-and-such ‘big name entrepreneur’?


The most successful entrepreneurs have crystal clarity and confidence about their brand and it propels them forward.

And the best news…your own brand certainty is *already* within you.

You are enough, right now.

You just need the right process to draw it out…

This is *your* time to feel CLEAR and PROUD of your brand.
How can *all of this* be possible for you?

Here’s what I know: you are enough RIGHT NOW.

You have the genius and ambition to be as successful as you want to be. And I’ll be there to remind you of that whenever you forget.

You don’t have to sound like a cheesy Internet marketer to sell online. You also don’t need to change yourself to be more like X, Y, or Z entrepreneur. You find your success when you uncover what’s already inside of you. Through my In Demand Brand process, I’ll help you find that inner (brand) truth.

Most programs start with a few key words, maybe a spirit animal and move straight into the “sexy” part of branding: logos, colors and fonts. My method turns this model inside out and upside down.

Beyond the incredible program experience (which I’ll detail in a bit), my approach is completely different than 99% of the brand advice out there.

We start with the innate truths that drive you and your brand, and build out from that essential CORE. I’m the psychology-driven brand strategist for a reason. We focus on the TRUTH of your brand first, and then figure out how to best express it through all of your brand choices. We get to the visuals, of course – but it’s towards end of the course, after the crucial groundwork has been completed.

If you’ve rebranded over and over, and nothing seems to stick…
Or if you can’t settle on a visual identity because you want *all the things*…
Or can’t find the words to clearly describe what you do…

It’s because the CORE of your brand isn’t settled yet. Those are symptoms of the larger problem. You don’t need a better design (YET – that will come), you need a crystal clear brand strategy.

I’m also not *just* your teacher. I’m your living, breathing example of how building an In Demand Brand works. I use this exact process in my own business AND with all of my 1-on-1 client brands. You get a proven method that WORKS, in the REAL world. (Right NOW, not 5 years ago!)

This is so much more than design. You’re investing in powerful leverage for your business, with expert guidance at every step.


Working in your business instead of on your business: It’s easy to caught in a cycle of feeding the never ending social media content monster, answering a quintillion emails, and squeezing client work in-between. If you don’t stop and pay attention to your brand, it grows fuzzier and fuzzier by the day.
Too many shiny objects competing for your attention: Instagram stories! Membership sites! Pinterest! … (You see where I’m going with this…) The problem with jumping from tactic to tactic is you don’t get the results you are looking for. Investing in your brand makes those shiny object tactics work better. But, you need to focus on defining it first.
Resistance to being seen: Oh, the good ol’ imposter syndrome. You think, “Who am I to call myself an expert? When other people clearly have way more experience – and look – they’ve been featured on Forbes! Who am I to brand myself?” (Hint: they started at the bottom, too, and your brand and ideal client depends on a unique mix of YOUR personality, talent, and skill.)
Not knowing which step to take first and next: If you struggle to put together a clear plan of action around building your brand, you are NOT alone. I talk to brilliant, ambitious entrepreneurs every day who WANT to take running leaps with their business, but are stuck because they don’t know where to start.

Being stuck in the cycle of no money, no clients: When I finally figured out what I was missing – a compelling and clear brand – I was still trapped in the cycle of hustling to finish a client deliverable, then hustling to find another client, hustling to finish the next client deliverable, then hustling to find another client… and REPEAT, ad infinitum. I had to figure out how to make space and press RESET on my business. Once I did, everything changed.

Here’s the “bad” news: it doesn’t matter how many webinars you attend, color palettes you save, marketing tactics you implement, or hours you hustle. If your brand isn’t in alignment, you stunt your growth and limit your possibilities.

But thankfully, I also come with GREAT news. It’s very simple to fix: Building a strong brand is one of the highest leverage activities you can do. You’re busy (me too), but this is the BEST NEXT STEP for getting to the next level. All of the busy-ness in your business will be easier with Crystal Brand Clarity.

Your brand is at the core of EVERYTHING you do for your business – your social media posts, webinars, Facebook ads, sales pages, content creation, sales… literally EVERYTHING.

Push over the first domino, and you’ll see for yourself. Your brand touches everything.

When you take the time and money to invest in your brand – it makes EVERYTHING else work so much better. Instead of swimming upstream, once your brand is in alignment, all that busy work feels like turning around and swimming WITH the current for a change. Creation gets easier. Visibility is inspired by your renewed confidence. You have fewer decisions to make.

You know the old story about stopping to sharpen your axe when you’re cutting down trees, right? Working on the your brand works the same way. By intentionally making space for this work, you’ll be rewarded at the end with new clarity, energy, and intention behind everything you do.

As soon as I discovered and began living my unique brand out loud, it was like removing the dam to the results I was seeking. I suddenly felt comfortable and confident in my brand, because it finally represented the very best parts of myself. I’m no longer trying to model someone else’s personality. I am being my highest self.

I now have clients for $10K-$30K, and I’m fully booked out. Sales calls are easy. My clients are a joy to work with and understand the value I bring. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients & students between my 1-on-1 work and group programs.
Now, those numbers may sound impressive to you or they may be small potatoes. Either way, that’s kind of the point. Those numbers are just what fit me at the moment. Building a brand gives YOU the power to decide what your business looks like.
​You can charge a lot or a little.
You can work with a few clients, or thousands.
You can work from Naples, Italy or Naples, Florida.
You can sell services or products.
You can be the only person in your company or build a massive team.
You can retire early or donate to your favorite charity (or both!)
You can pack up to move to Thailand or stay exactly where you are. (so long as there is wifi)
Building a brand gives you leverage and influence. It gives you CHOICES to live how you want to live, and work how you want to work.

In addition to the freedom to shape your reality, you’ll see other transformations when you build your brand:

People reach out to YOU with opportunities
You wake up to leads in your inbox
Your clients value you and happily pay what you ask
People notice and recognize your signature style
Your income increases with your level of impact

Brand New Brand

What is Brand New Brand?

It’s an incubation program for brands to define, elevate, and thrive. Over a period of 7 weeks, you’ll discover your best brand and bring it to life.
Hold the phone — let that process for a moment — in less than 2 months, you’ll be living and LOVING your own BRAND NEW BRAND. (Look out world!)

You’ll get instant access to on-demand digital lessons, and an invitation to the private community where you’ll get on-demand support whenever you need it. This is NOT another course to collect dust on your digital bookshelf. This is an interactive and transformational experience designed to get you moving and get you RESULTS.

What makes this program special?

  • Road-tested and market-validated:​I developed the In Demand Brand method from working with more than 500 brands in different capacities. This has included helping launch a 7-figure agency, bringing a national nonprofit’s signature program online, working in traditional media, and now guiding hundreds of entrepreneurs like you toward brand clarity.
  • Psychology FIRST: When you hear the word ‘brand’, your eyes probably gloss over and visions of logos and color palettes dance through your brain.
  • While that’s part of it (and part of the plan), it is sooo far from the total picture. This is NOT a design course. This is a step-by-step brand strategy plan that will bring clarity to your message, purpose, and personality. We start with psychology FIRST and build the tangible elements of your brand from the foundation of those invisible demand triggers.
  • I didn’t throw this together in a weekend: Beyond my 15 years of business and the 500+ brands I’ve worked with over the years, I’ve spent well over 100 hours planning, creating, and designing the content. This isn’t a sloppy stab at “passive income.” This is my life’s best work.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Learn how to claim your genius, stand out in the market, package your services, and communicate your brand.

When you complete the incubation program, you’ll:

  • Take your brand from an idea to a fully-formed strategy
  • ​Create a Brand Book to inform all future decisions, content, and marketing
  • ​Feel confident putting your brand out there
  • ​Bring FOCUS to your business

Not sure where to start? Or what step to take next?

I lay it out for you, step-by-step.

Create your dream business now.

Access my method and step-by-step guidance to build your psychology-driven brand that attracts the best clients to you.


Part 1 / Brand Character & Credibility

  • ​Personality: Leverage your brand archetype to stand out from the competition and to create a brand that’s true to you.
  • Point of View: A distinctive brand requires a distinctive point of view. We’ll define yours so you can pinpoint your most impactful message and movement.
  • Brand Enemies: I’ll teach you my method to decide what is on your “Not To Do” list so that your brand doesn’t go off-track.
  • Credibility: Gather your proof points that’ll have your clients opening up their wallets without hesitation.

Part 2 / Brand Commitment & Context

  • ​Brand Fundamentals: Define exactly what you are selling with certainty.
  • Tactical Goals: Determine how you’ll recoup your investment (time and money) in your brand.
  • Ideal Clients: This isn’t your grandma’s customer avatar exercise. We’ll get deep inside the minds of your perfect clients/customers.
  • Different, Not Better: Survey the market to figure out exactly where your brand fits in and stands out.

Part 3 / Voice

  • Tone & Voice: Learn to craft and communicate your distinctive brand voice using words that compel your ideal clients to buy.
  • ​Tagline & Bios: Once we understand how to communicate as your brand, we’ll create “client-facing” blurbs – like your tagline and bio.

Part 4 / Voice

  • Naming: We’ll create memorable and need-to-have-it names for your business, products, and more.
  • Stories & Content: Your brand’s stories help sell your brand, your message, and your point of view. We’ll work on creating your unique stories that you’ll tell over and over.

Part 5 / Visuals

  1. Moodboard: Create a moodboard for your Brand Book that captures the visual theme and feeling of your brand
  2. Typography: Choose a pairing of fonts to communicate your brand personality.
  3. ​Colors: We’ll cover several techniques to (finally!) decide on your signature color scheme using psychology and meaning.

Part 6 / Visuals

  • Logo: Your logo is a first impression and a mark of consistency. I’ll teach you easy ways to do it yourself, or guidelines for hiring out the work.
  • Patterns & Shape: To build more texture and visual meaning into your brand, patterns and shapes provide meaning and context.
  • Images: We’ll talk about personal brand portraits and choosing stock images to represent your brand.

Part 7 / Live Your Brand

  • Presence: Define exactly how you’ll look and sound on each of your brand platforms.
  • Branded Website: I’ll give you my best tips for translating your brand on your website so you’ll be ready to transition from strategy to implementation seamlessly.
  • Visibility: Create your unique brand visibility plan for content creation and social media marketing.
  • Action Plan: We’ll outline your exact next steps so you aren’t left guessing at what to do next.

Sales Page: _https://www.kayeputnam.com/bnb-enroll

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