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Katherine Woodward Thomas – Conscious Uncoupling


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How To Break Negative Relationship Patterns & Open Your Heart To Love Again

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What went wrong in the relationship?”

Or trying to analyze every little detail that led to a breakup?

Perhaps devastated for weeks, months, or even years after you went through a breakup?

You might find yourself wondering how you’re ever going to get yourself to the other side of this.

In the face of big, tidal wave pain, you can suddenly find yourself out of control, saying all sorts of horrible things you never thought you’d say, and doing all sorts of things you never thought you’d do.

All thanks to the painful ending between you and your ex.

The truth is, you are not alone.

Introducing Conscious Uncoupling to Heal Your Heart, Reclaim Your Power, and Live Happily Even After

Conscious Uncoupling is a simple 5-step method to guide you through the process of getting through a breakup.

Whether you’re fresh off a breakup, on the verge of a breakup, or still struggling with past breakup wounds, Conscious Uncoupling will show you how to heal from the end of a relationship so you can move forward in peace.

This step-by-step method empowers you — with or without the cooperation and support of your former partner — to honor the love that was shared and move on, free to love and be loved again.

No matter how challenging the circumstances are surrounding your breakup…

You will navigate the end of your relationship with grace, dignity and goodwill. And you’ll experience profound levels of healing and heart-repair.

Katherine Woodward Thomas on Healing from a Breakup

Katherine Woodward Thomas is a NY Times Best-Selling author, licensed therapist and teacher to thousands across the world.

When Katherine was in her early forties, she attracted and married a wonderful man named Mark. Together, they had her first child when Katherine was 43. But after ten wonderful years of marriage, Katherine and her husband found themselves wanting to part ways. They looked at their lives and wondered whether they still needed to be married, and if marriage was holding them back. Katherine had been through painful, excruciating breakups in her past relationships that took years of recovery… after one breakup she lost half the hair on her head and stopped eating for a year. Both she and Mark were also determined not to put their daughter through the pain of a hostile divorce situation like they’d experienced in their childhoods. So they made the decision to consciously uncouple and align on a shared intention to love & raise their daughter as loving co-parents.

It was through this experience that Katherine created Conscious Uncoupling. After seeing how well it worked in her own life, Katherine wrote her NY Times Best-Seller by the same name to help others end their relationships with honor, grace, and healing. Conscious Uncoupling has since become an international process of healing and love, even helping Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s Chris Martin amicably end their marriage.

Vishen Lakhiani and Kristina Mand-Lakhiani also used this process to respectfully part ways, while remaining friends and co-parents. Now, it’s Katherine’s mission to guide others through her 5-step process to get over a breakup, make your heart whole, and move forward in happiness.

What You’ll Learn


Protect yourself (and your children if you have them) from further harm

Learn to navigate your breakup with dignity, honor and respect, with or without your former partner’s cooperation.

Resolve obsessive resentment and rage

Use one essential tool to so you come to a place of true freedom and completion within your heart.

Wake up to your worthiness to love and be loved

Even if the person you love is not loving you back in the ways you need them to, you can still reclaim and retain your self-worth through this 5-step process.

Come to a place of deep inner peace

Resolve your unresolved grief, resentment, guilt, shame, anger or hurt.

Graduate from any painful, recurring relational patterns

Discover how to turn your heartache into your strength and seize the possibilities you hold for health, happiness and well-being in love moving forward.

Restore deep confidence in yourself

Learn to trust yourself in love and decisions again, knowing you will never, ever again make the same mistakes.

Awaken your power for true happiness in love

Discover authentic forgiveness for yourself and others so you can enter your next relationship free of past relationship hurts.

Explore Conscious Uncoupling

The Conscious Uncoupling Quest is a simple 5-step process to finally heal the pain of your breakup. So often, we leave our healing to time… But time does not heal all wounds.

Conscious Uncoupling is designed to help you heal the wounds of your heart and finally free yourself from the pain, overwhelm, and grief of your breakup.

You’ll spend around 20 minutes per day unlocking powerful strategies and healing processes with Katherine Woodward Thomas.

As you unlock each day of Conscious Uncoupling through Mindvalley’s exclusive Quest learning platform, you’re experiencing healing on a profound and permanent level.

PART 1 From Grief to Relief

Your journey of healing begins with unearthing the core of your grief and overcoming it so you can start the path of permanent release and relief from heartbreak.

Highlights include:

  • Discover how the “time heals all wounds” myth is one of the main sources holding you back from truly moving on.
  • Learn 3 simple strategies to identity and instantly soothe the pain and suffering you’re feeling from a breakup.
  • Develop powerful self-care practices to shift your heart’s feelings from breakup to breakthrough.
  • Create the mindset to move from fault to freedom — learn how to forgive yourself and break free from the negative trap of obsessing over your past relationship.
  • Awaken to your breakup as a life-altering opportunity to “break your heart open” and fuel unprecedented positive change in your life.

PART 2 Break the Pattern & Reframe Your Love Life

Discover the patterns that have been recurring in your love life, how these patterns have contributed to heartbreak after heartbreak, and how to break these patterns so you can attract the love relationship you desire.

Highlights include:

  • Discover the secret to release any and all negative energy between you and your partner so you can clear the air between you.
  • Restore your self-confidence in your choices by forgiving yourself for anything your subconscious is holding against you about your relationship.
  • Break free of old relationship patterns that may be holding you back from the love you desire so you can move on resentment-free.
  • Repair the insult to your identity that a breakup represents and awaken your heart to the knowledge that you are worthy of love.
  • Chart your love plan to attract the love you want in your future by setting a potent intention for your love life.

PART 3 Create Your Happily Even-After Life

Complete your Conscious Uncoupling journey by developing new boundaries and beliefs for your future relationship.

Highlights include:

  • Move through the six stages of grief to fully accept your feelings, release them into the universe, and harness the power of those feelings for positive attraction in your life.
  • Exercise 7 powerful self-care practices to tend to your needs fully and commit to loving yourself through this healing experience.
  • Create new love and relationship agreements with yourself so you can move forward and win in your next relationship. Align your life with the new agreements you’ve created, so that you are ready to win and welcome the love you desire in your future.
  • Celebrate this new stage with a ceremony to honor your past relationship and enter a fulfilling, whole, and happy journey of life and love.

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Katherine Woodward Thomas – Conscious Uncoupling
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