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Introducing… Captivating Copywriting

An unmatched copywriting course designed specifically for coaches, consultants, and online business owners who want to write high-converting, brand-enriching, personality-driven copy.

Captivating Copywriting is a comprehensive, self-paced course that’ll take any online business owner and turn them into a capable, confident, profitable copywriter in 8 weeks or less.

Taking everything I’ve learned about copy over the past 10 years through aggressive study, practice, and experience, Captivating Copywriting simplifies and delivers it to you with the perfect balance of information and entertainment.

With nine modules released over 8 weeks, every week gives you new training and new lessons, breaking down another piece of the copy puzzle.

Each training covers a specific aspect of copy, from research to building out the perfect offer.

Every module is packed with video training and accompanying workbooks, covering copywriting from the psychology of sales, the process of building out perfect headlines.

All taught using priceless frameworks to help you churn out magic words in less time than you’d think possible.

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John Romaniello – Captivating Copywriting
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