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Some of the benefits of leveraging our sales training solution include:

  • Mobile-enabled online training
  • Roleplaying Quizzing
  • Tonality feedback
  • Sales management tools
  • Training certification
  • Subtitles & voiceover for all languages


Access to the Virtual Sales Training Portal

  • 12-months access to an interactive ‘forget-proof’ virtual sales training portal.
  • 11-hours worth of content where Jeremy Miner dissects how selling has changed and why today’s sophisticated buyer responds exponentially better when presented with scientific sales methods like NEPQ.

Jeremy’s exclusive NEPQ sales framework

Exclusive access to Jeremy’s entire sales process that delivers results regardless of what industry you’re in.

Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questions and Language to Use

  • Connection Questions
  • Situation Questions
  • Problem Awareness Questions
  • Solution Awareness Questions
  • Consequence Questions
  • How to Transition – And how to strategically structure your transition to presentation to avoid salespressure and maintain unwavering trust with your prospect.
  • Presentation Stage
  • Commitment Question

The said question above are meant to help prospects persuade themselves – AND – overcome their own objections.

Weekly Live Q&A with Jeremy Miner

  • 1 x 60 minutes group session
  • Replays of each Q&A session

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Jeremy Miner – NEPQ 2.0
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