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How You Can Leverage The Proven Power Of Our Youtube Ads Playbooks To Increase Traffic, Generate Higher Quality Leads & Convert Them Into Paying customers

This course will teach you how to master YouTube advertising, from video creation to analytics, by showing you how to:

  • Create unskippable and profitable YouTube ads
  • Connect with your exact audience at the right time
  • Convert viewers into paying customers

Advertising on YouTube means advertising on America’s most popular online platform (take that, Facebook).

73% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube, which, yes, is more than the 69% that use Facebook. Shocked?

In any given quarter Facebook advertisers will spend more than youtube advertisers will spend in an ENTIRE YEAR….That means that you have a much bigger advantage when it comes to advertising on YouTube than on Facebook — more eyeballs and less marketers competing for those eyeballs. (Plus no overzealous facebook “content moderators” to take down your perfectly good ad)

Not to mention each visit to YouTube involves a more engaged audience without the mindless scrolling you see on other platforms.

That’s why, with the help of our strategies and playbooks, we’ve seen our clients exponentially grow their businesses and make millions using YouTube ads.

With your audience already hanging out there and the solid opportunity to reach and convert them — can you really afford not to be on YouTube?

Why should you learn YouTube Ads from the Video Power Marketing team?

Learn from a team with:

  • Over 7 years of experience with YouTube Ads
  • Managing more than $30M dollars in spend
  • Having launched over 7000 campaigns
  • For more than 100 different brands

All of this experience has helped us create a proven framework and process for launching profitable YouTube Ads.

We’re sharing our playbooks with you so you can start transforming your business with YouTube right now.

What You Will Learn From the Course

  • Learn the elements of a successful youtube campaign
  • Learn our 7 step video ad framework to create winning video ads
  • Set up the perfect budget to not waste a cent on ads that aren’t working
  • Properly structure your campaigns so you can see exactly what’s working at a glance
  • Understand the math and metrics behind a profitable YouTube Ad campaign.
  • Drive High quality leads with Youtube Ads
  • Know the 5 levers you can pull to fix broken ads
  • Drive more leads, webinar registrations, applications, and phone calls

The Playbooks For Winning With YouTube Ads

Playbook 1: Video Ad Strategy

  • The YouTube Ad Strategy to know the elements of a successful YouTube Ad Campaign
  • Which metrics you need to measure for a profitable YouTube Ad Campaign
  • The YouTube Ad Journey to know which offers work best to which audience
  • The audience survey to get inside the mind and heart of your core audience

Playbook 2: Video Ad Creation

  • Learn our 7 step video ad framework to create winning video ads.
  • Discover simple creative tips to increase viewer engagement.
  • Get access to our video ad frameworks worksheet to help you write and script your video quick and easy.
  • Watch real working video ads and a breakdown of WHY they work so you can model them.

Playbook 3: YouTube Ad Campaign Setup

  • How to properly set up your tracking so you can track everything from view to purchase.
  • How to properly structure your campaigns so you can see exactly what’s working at a glance
  • How to build relevant audiences that are ready to buy your products
  • Discover the best targeting methods to pinpoint your exact audience
  • How to allocate your budget wisely so you don’t waste money

Playbook 4: Video Ad Optimization & Scale

  • Understand the math and metrics behind a profitable YouTube Ad campaign.
  • Which metrics should you focus on and which ones can you ignore
  • If your ads aren’t working, what are the 5 levers you should pull to fix them.
  • How do you scale your winning campaigns without breaking them.

Playbook 5: Case Studies

  • How to drive high quality webinar leads with YouTube Ads
  • How to sell your ecommerce products with YouTube Ads
  • How to book high quality calls for your coaching / consulting business
  • How to grow your YouTube Channel with YouTube Ads

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Jake Larsen – YouTube Ads PlayBook
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