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There’s a hot new opportunity online right now very few people are talking about. It’s a service that can help millions of website owners, yet most agency owners aren’t aware of it yet.

I call it Split Testing as a Service (STAAS).

Hi, I’m Mason Pastro. For several years now I’ve been working with clients building online sales funnels and e-commerce stores. I was stunned when I saw how much more I could help my clients by running simple tests to raise their conversion rates (sales), which makes them a lot more money.


One day I realized I could do this testing as a service for clients even when I wasn’t the person who built their funnel. (Might seem obvious, but then hardly anyone is offering this service right now!)

Since then I’ve run successful split tests for hundreds of clients, including some famous ones you would know if I was allowed to name them in public.

My testing agency can’t possibly help all these businesses, so I’ve put my knowledge into a new program for you. It shows you how to do what we do and how you can copy our success instead of trying to figure this out all by yourself. That will save you years of frustration!


1. We find a business with an existing website that’s already selling something and getting traffic. (Much easier than building something from a blank page, hoping it converts!)

2. We find minor tweaks we can make that we are pretty sure will improve the conversion rate (which just means the % of people who buy the offer on the page). Each tweak is something we add, change, or remove from the page.

3. We set up a simple split test to make sure our tweak raises the conversion rate. If it does, we make that change permanent. If it doesn’t, we leave it the way it was. (Not every test will be a winner. But if you follow our system, you’ll have way more winners than losers.)

What most people do to try to improve their conversions is make a bunch of changes they think will work, then hope for the best. If conversions go up, they don’t know what helped and what didn’t. That’s why we always test our tweaks one at a time, keeping the winners and dropping the losers. So overall conversion keeps going up.


Many of the tweaks we make are very minor, like changing or adding a word or two, moving something from one part of the page to another, or changing the color of something. You would be amazed to see just how small some of these winning tweaks are.

You’re probably wondering what these tweaks are and how to know which ones to test. We’ve got you covered here, too. We’ll show you some of the common ones to look for. More importantly, we’ll show you two different ways to use simple software to show you what to test… because we can’t possibly make a list that would cover every website out there.

The results of winning tests multiply each other. If one test doubles conversion, then another test on another element also doubles it, making both changes will quadruple sales (2 x 2 = 4).

Not every test will be a home run, but little wins multiply each other, and when a bigger one comes along, BOOM!


There’s so much to love about this business:

  • You don’t have to build the client a website from scratch
  • You don’t have to rewrite all their copy
  • You don’t have to write or manage their ads
  • You don’t have to be a tech expert or natural salesperson to do this
  • You can get clients using free methods- no ads required
  • You don’t need expensive software or tools- you already have a computer, right?
  • If you get the client some quick wins, they will want to keep paying you to do more testing month after month. And we’ll show you how to get several clients at once so your whole income isn’t based on one company.
  • This is all based on scientific testing, not guessing and hoping. You can develop the confidence to know in advance (most of the time) which tests will be winners.
  • It can be a full-time business, an add-on to an existing business, or a part-time income on the side
  • There will ALWAYS be a need for this service, as long as companies are doing business on the Internet and want to sell more.


Like any business, this is not for everyone. You do need to get some clients and deliver results. We show you exactly how to do that. It’s one of the easier businesses to start (especially with our guidance), and the amount of competition right now is VERY low. In a couple years, people will wish they had gotten into this back in 2022.

Here’s who this business is ideal for:

  • Frustrated freelancers tired of chasing small, low-paying gigs. Imagine having a client who pays you thousands of dollars, month after month.
  • People who aren’t techies and don’t want to have to master complicated software, build fancy websites, or spend months creating a product that might not even sell
  • Agency owners who’d like to add another service to offer to their clients. If you run an ad agency, copywriting service, funnel-building agency, etc., this is an ideal offer to add to your menu of services. It will let you leverage the skills you already have, keep your clients around longer by helping them more, and command higher fees by helping them make a lot more revenue.
  • Anyone who’s been hearing about agencies and thought about starting one, but isn’t sure what to offer or doesn’t yet have a skill to offer. This is one of the easier ones to learn, certainly easier than mastering Facebook ads or website development – and hardly anyone is offering it. (And if you want, once you get some clients you can build a team to do most of the process for you. Or you can decide to do it yourself.)
  • Anyone who wants to add another stream of income to protect themselves in this turbulent economy. Massive layoffs have started. Now is a great time to set yourself up just in case. Even if your job is secure, couldn’t you use some extra income? What if this ends up making you more with less stress than you currently have? This can be a side gig or a full-time business- that’s up to you.


And speaking of the economy, don’t worry. As businesses start to cut spending, you can help them make more revenue from what they’re already doing, WITHOUT increasing their ad budget. (Although when they see the results you get for them, they may want to scale up their ads anyway.)

During economic downturns, smart businesses spend more on marketing to keep the sales flowing. Once you know how to find these businesses and show them how to increase their sales without raising their ad budget,

they’ll love you for it.

It’s a lot safer, and cheaper, for a company to pay you to boost their conversions through split testing than it is for them to create new products and websites. You can help them sell more of what’s already selling for them.



Enroll Now to Get Instant Access to:

  • 6 Figure Split Test Expert Video CourseOver-the-shoulder, step-by-step training on how to find, attract, sign, and serve your split-testing clients.

  • Free Future UpdatesWhen we add or change something, you automatically get the new version at no extra charge!

  • Our Templates, Scripts, Proposals, and AgreementsDon’t reinvent the wheel! Just take these tools, add your tweaks, and use them in your business.

  • Bonus Group Coaching CallGet your questions answered.

  • Bonus 1:1 Strategy Session CallPrivate call to get you started.




($997 Value)

  • How to get clients without spending a dime on ads – of course you can run ads if you want. but we get clients without doing that
  • Why you don’t have to be a natural salesperson to do well with this
  • The exact things to say to get clients
  • How to screen potential clients before contacting them. Don’t waste time going for the wrong ones!
  • Our entire step-by-step process for attracting, signing, and serving clients
  • How to easily structure your services so your client gets a good return on their investment and you don’t get overloaded with work
  • The exact tools we use in every step of the process (most of them free) and how to use them step-by-step
  • Several specific places to look for clients (no, not Google!)
  • How to have potential clients coming to you asking for your help
  • How to bill your clients and get paid. If you haven’t collected payments online before, we’ve got you covered! You need to do this right to look professional and get off to a good start
  • How to tell what to test on a site to get quick wins, wow your clients, and keep them around long term
  • Exactly how to do split tests– no need to be a programmer or web design guru. We are just making simple tweaks, not building from zero
  • Plus much more- we frequently add more training, and you’ll get that, too

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Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid

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