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AN LMV Exclusive Local YT Mastery Offer

How Ian went from traditional Local Marketing to driving hundreds of leads a day to high paying clients using Localized YT Ads without having to be on camera, editing dozens of videos or spending his own money testing.

PLUS Get $4,976 Worth Of Bonuses
Sold This YT Masterclass to LMV in September for $4,000
YT Ads QuickStart: Get up and running ASAP with this quick training! ($997)
YT Ads Masterclass Part I: Private MasterClass Recording We did in September ($994)
YT Ads Masterclass Part II: Private MasterClass Recording We did in September ($994)
​YT Ads Masterclass Part III: Private MasterClass Recording We did in September ($994)
​BONUS MODULE: How to land clients using simple YT Ads (Video’s or Copy) ($997)

COURSE OUTLINE FOR Local Youtube Mastery


WHAT/WHERE/WHO of Targeting for Youtube Ads



CLIENTS Audience intel w/ Google Analytics

Selecting Audiences with NO GA Data and only client info

COURSE EXAMPLE: Audience and Targeting selection for example niche

Offer / Copy

  • What’s your offer?
  • Video Scripts: Best Practice and Writing Them
  • Questions to Ask Clients for Offer/Script
  • STRATEGIES for scripts
  • COURSE EXAMPLE: Offer/Script creation for course example

Video Creative

  • YouTube competitive research
  • HACKS for Script and Video Creation
  • Creating your first videos (by outsource and with Screenflow & Canva)
  • COURSE EXAMPLE: Live Video Creation


  • What do you need to track
  • How to setup Conversions in Google & YouTube
  • How to review tracking results and identify issues
  • How to fix problems in your funnel

Building Campaigns

  • Ways to structure your campaigns
  • Setting up your first “FISHING” Campaign
  • tCPA vs Max Conversions – Which is the right Bid Strategy
  • COURSE EXAMPLE: Build out of a live campaign

Getting it all Working

  • How to avoid Video Ad “BURNOUT” and what to do about it
  • “TAMING” Campaigns with CPA
  • The “STALL” effect on YouTube and how to avoid it.
  • TESTING New Audiences and Creative


  • Segmenting Campaigns for Improved Performance
  • How to Scale YouTube ADs
  • YouTube Lead ADs
  • Differences in Devices for Style/Type of Lander
  • Retargeting Video Viewers
  • Retargeting on Google Discovery and GDN
  • The Ultimate Local Attack Campaign Strategy


  • Attracting Local Clients using YouTUbe
  • Real Estate Campaign Breakdown

The Most Common Questions I Get Asked:
1. Who is Ian Henman?
Ian has been in LMV since 2018, and started with our plug and play ads, but moved his business over to YT in 2020.
2. I am not good on Camera. Do I have to be?
Nope. All videos I make are short. I only use stock images and some text. I never am on Camera and neither are my clients.
3. Why does it seem so easy. Is it really?
Truthfully, if you want to WOW your clients, and use paid traffic, I prefer YT over FB because of how lenient they are with advertising.
4. Can I learn YT from someone else?
Sure! However, I don’t believe I know of anyone out there right now teaching YT for Local Businesses.
5. My Bank is slim and I work Fulltime. Can I still do this?
Outside of monitoring the Ads and getting the Ads made, there really isn’t much time I need to spend using YT.
6. Are there any other expenses outside the program costs?
The only expenditures would be to get your video made, stock photos or video reels and if you want to front the money to run the ads, then that would be it. However, I traditionally sell the service first, and use the clients’ money to pay for the ads.
7. I love this, however I am not sure if I am ready.
The way I look at this training is this would be for anyone who has at least one client, and understands how an Agency business works. Since this is A-Z on how to run YT ads and build out campaigns that work like crazy, it’s never a bad time to learn new skills in case the opportunity presents itself.
8. I already am running FB ads for my clients, should I stop?
Heck No! BUT I would ad YT ads to their campaigns, and just charge them MORE! The results will come!
9. If I Buy, will there be support?
Absolutely. We have a private FB group where I will be supporting the students once a week.
10. If I don’t like it can I get a refund?
Unfortunately No. Once you get access, there is no way to return the knowledge that you learn.


Sales Page: _https://www.jameslmv.com/lmv-localyt

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[Group Buy] Ian Henman – Local YouTube Mastery
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