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Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class

The Modules We Cover
Create data-driven Facebook Ad Campaigns, learn the science behind the data-driven method and understand how we optimize/scale Facebook Ads.

Phase One: The guiding principles for successful Facebook ads and the different metrics that come together to form the method behind the system.

Phase Two: The ways we can use data-driven decision-making to make changes to campaigns, ad sets, and ads purely off data, not intuition or personal experience.

Phase Three: The protocols for cutting ad sets and ads. We cover the exact rounds of cuts we make to remove low performing ads & ad sets so we can raise our result average and lower the cost per result on our ads.

Phase Four: We uncover the scaling methods, how to rapidly increase your results, how to scale without resetting the learning phase, and how to consistently scale campaigns/ad sets daily without significantly raising the cost per result.


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[Group Buy] Chase Chappell – Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class
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