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Imagine having an opportunity to quit the average ‘9-5’ grind by making products you love and selling them to those who appreciate it – It’s everyone’s dream – and the only thing preventing it from being the reality is by not knowing where to start.

That’s why I’ve created the Etsy Mastery Course so you have a step-by-step system to selling on Etsy that anyone can take to start making and selling products based on your passion!

Hi, I am Nancy, Nice To Meet You!

Welcome! I’m so excited to have you here! Thank you for stopping by and showing interest in the Etsy Mastery Course.

I created this course because many people think the market is too saturated with products to make a real income as a seller on Etsy.

I’m here to say this is far from the truth. I was able to start my Etsy shop in late October 2016 without having any prior experience making handmade items or selling on an e-commerce platform and I was able to generate $21k in my first year on Etsy and triple my income the second year on Etsy.

I started my journey on Etsy selling printable quotes and now I have several stores where I sell digital products. I love making passive income on Etsy.

I also like the fact that selling digital products on Etsy has little up-front cost, no shipping fees, and low overhead expenses.

In my Etsy Mastery Course, not only do I teach you how to elevate your existing shop to the next level, you will have access to learning how to make money with art printables and digital products.

I literally hold my student’s hand through the entire process. If you have an existing store that you want o scale or simply want to learn how to make passive income with printable this is the only Etsy course you’ll ever need!

Take A Sneak Peek of Each Module Below!

Module 1 – Your Business Foundation

  • What are digital prints? (For those who want to sell digital products)
  • How to find a profitable niche
  • Find demand & validate product ideas
  • How to do market research
  • Build a strong brand
  • Think big
  • Setting up your Etsy account
  • The best graphic design tool
  • What you need to know about being safe with your designs
  • What you should know about fonts

Module 2 – Clarifying Your Offer

  • Why you need to micro-niche
  • Successful Etsy shops with micro-niches
  • How do you find your micro-niche
  • Write a great niche statement to propel your business
  • Example of successful niche companies

Module 3 – Creating An Etsy Shop For Success

  • How to build a memorable Etsy shop
  • Branding your Etsy shop with a banner
  • Samples of different Etsy shop banners
  • The most important branding elements
  • Example of different types of shop icons
  • Why you need to have your own domain name
  • How to provide excellent customer service

Module 4 – Let The Fun Begin! How To Create Art Printables & How Art Mockups Work!

  • How to find amazing graphics for your art printables
  • What type of license type do you need
  • How to choose the right graphic designs for your brand
  • How to navigate and find the right file format
  • Image aspects ratios for printing
  • Step by step how to make art printables
  • Design #2 home art decor printable
  • Design #3 Nursery art decor printable
  • How to add your fonts to Canva
  • How to create your art printable mockups
  • How to create high-quality JPG & PNG files
  • Margins, bleeds, and crop marks
  • How to create a zip file

Module 5 – Etsy SEO & Etsy Algorithm Explained

  • Understanding the essentials of Etsy SEO
  • Brainstorming ideas for tags
  • How to use eRank to find profitable keywords
  • How to optimize your title & tags for Etsy SEO
  • How to optimize your listing description for SEO
  • How to optimize your shop for SEO
  • How Etsy’s algorithm work

Module 6 – Start, Manage, and Grow Your Etsy Shop

  • How to list your listings
  • How to price your handmade items
  • How I organize my digital assets
  • How to persuade buyers to buy
  • How to improve the layout of your store
  • How to start an email list for your Etsy shop
  • Strategies to help you scale your Etsy business to the next level (6 different videos)
  • How to create a custom order
  • Create coupon for buy 2 get 1 free discount
  • Congrats on completing the Etsy Mastery Course!

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Etsy Mastery Course by Nancy Badillo
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