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How My Simple YouTube Traffic And Conversion Formula Generated  35k Leads Resulting In $1M+ In Online Sales…

… And How You Can Copy Exactly What I’ve Done For Yourself And Your Business!

Learn how to harness the POWER of video and YOUTUBE™ for your marketing… Build a list of highly qualified BUYER leads. Grow a massive, hungry following, and do it all on autopilot!





Higher Profits With Less Work

How would you like to work LESS, and earn more? Through VIDEO, you can do exactly that.

In my program, I show you how I spend 30-45 minutes producing videos from my phone, that bring in BUYERS every single day.

More Traffic 100% For Free

Imagine getting tens of thousands of NEW views on your offer, that you’ll never EVER pay a penny for!

TO THIS DAY, I’m still growing my email list from videos I produced over 3 years ago! Video is by far the most sharable medium on the web, (more so than blogs, written posts, even photos)… So I’ll give you the EXACT template I use, and I’ll show you how to create videos that people love.  

Build Instant Credibility Authority & Trust

Video is a way to QUICKLY build a relationship with someone that has never met you, and It’s the FASTEST way to begin a conversation about your product or service.

In Youtube™ Selling System, I’ll show you how to build instant authority and trust with your audience, all through simplevideos done from your phone.


According to Alexa.com, YouTube is the 2nd largest website on the internet with over a billion users! (For perspective that’s almost one-third of all people on the internet.) Growth in watch time on YouTube continues to ACCELERATE, and is up an astounding 50% year-over-year, for three straight years.

If you want the most targeted traffic on the internet to date, from a source that will be DEPENDABLE for years to come…

Then you NEED to make this platform a part of your arsenal… NOW.

And TODAY, with no more than a smart phone and an internet connection, you can quickly reach your IDEAL BUYER about your product or service, without spending even a dime!

Just take a look at just a few examples of content I’ve put on Youtube™ that made me TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars over the last few years…

Example #1:

90,000 Views For FREE

What would 90,000 targeted views do for you business? Imagine driving that many people to your offer… think you’d get some high quality sales?

Of course you would!!

I’ll show you how to use Youtube to find your ideal prospect, and how to get them to take action! (This part is worth the WHOLE price of the course!)

Example #2:

RANK #1 For Competitive Phrases

Every single week I upload videos that within a few days rank #1 in the search engine for competitive keywords.

This saves me THOUSANDS of dollars in ad spend every month! When you pick up your copy of Youtube™ Selling System, I’ll give you the exact formula to rank your videos in Youtube’s search engine, giving you TONS of FREE, hyper targeted prospects.

Example #3:

Build A Constant Stream Of Leads

Whenever I want more traffic, I simply implement my Youtube ranking process.

New leads are the lifeblood of a business, and so inside Module 3 of my program, I’ll show you how to create a constant stream of 100% Free traffic(and how to get in front of the new trends) so you always have fresh new leads coming into your business.



Rakeem Added $200 Residual from Just 30 Minutes of Work!

Kevin Dube – “BUYERS Coming To My Videos Without ‘Hustling’ or Prospecting!”

Ray – $11,500 From One Coaching Call!

Gabe Greene – “From Complete Newbie,To Confidence With Video!”

“$500 Commission With ONE Video!”

After joining my program I helped Tucker dial In the Process with YouTube Selling System (Not from Blogging, not from Solo Ads, or Endless Content Creation Marketing… but with ONE Video!)

Rupali Monga – “Generated 20 Sales And Over 475 free leads” 

What Do You Get INSIDE THE:

1. Getting Paid For Your Passions And Interests

Don’t have a business and want to build one online? In this module you’ll discover over how to start an online business based around your passions and interests. I’ll show you how to take your current knowledge and build a successful 6-7 figure business without the need to create your own products.

2. Finding Your Perfect Buyers

In this module I’m going to show you my process of finding MONEY MAKING SEARCH PHRASES that people are actively searching for on YouTube and Google within your niche! Once you get this down, you’ll be able to capitalize and honey holes of untapped, ongoing traffic.

3. Setting Up Your Virtual Property

In this module I go over setting up and optimizing  your channel the right way for maximum rankings – Links, graphics, about section.. you name it I gotcha covered.

When it comes to creating my Youtube channels (I have over 100 different ones), I take this part seriously! I’ll show you the exact steps to create a profitable Youtube channel, that positions you as an authority in your industry.

4. Creating Video Real Estate

This is one of my favorite sections… Once you have my template for creating engaging videos, you’ll be able to create videos for EVERYTHING, and on ANY platform! This module is worth it’s weight in gold.

5. Simple SEO Optimization

This module is KEY… Learning how to optimize your videos is one of the most important things I could teach you when it comes to video marketing. Its the difference between thousands of views and absolutely nothing. In this section, I’ll show you how to upload and optimize your videos CORRECTLY so they are seen by real people with money.

6. The Unfair SEO Advantage

Typically to rank your video at the top of Google And YouTube you’ll need a few extra tools to get an unfair advantage (that most people aren’t using). I’m not only going to help you cut your ranking time in half but show you how to outsource some “ranking” tasks so you can rank faster with ease. 

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