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HighStrike Trading has educated thousands of students and represents one of the largest communities of both professional and hobby traders in the world. We have developed a world-class trading education platform used by thousands of traders across more than 150 countries, serviced by three dedicated and skilled instructors.

HST School students get lifetime access to our massive video lesson library including 100+ training videos. They are also added to our student group chat which contains invaluable market insights, new daily market briefing videos, and the ability to communicate ideas and ask questions with thousands of other traders and instructors in real time.



Clayton is a share and options trader who joined HST as a student in 2019. After seeing lots of consistent trading success, Clayton joined the team as a trading instructor where he specializes in making sure students have a great experience with HST and all student questions are answered. His favorite stocks are BA, SQ and ROKU.

Alex Viscusi is a graduate of HST School and full-time options trader. Alex quickly transformed into a strong group leader and became the Head Trading Instructor. Alex enjoys making daily content for students, and has a deep passion for trading and the stock market. His three favorite stocks to trade options for are TSLA, AMZN and BIDU.

Ben C. is our in-house expert on trading with a full time job. Ben is a jack of all trades – he works a job in engineering, runs a fitness business and is able to trade successfully in his free time. After Ben joined HST in 2018, we knew we had to bring him onto the HST instructor team after seeing his amazing success despite a busy schedule.

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[Download] Highstrike Trading School
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