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Some notes about its optimal use (PLEASE READ):

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • This is powerful, so you may want to only use for 15 to 60 minutes at a time, before turningoff for a while. The effects will last for quite a while after turning it off.
  • Do not use within four hours of bedtime.
  • If the energy ever begins to feel over-stimulating, simply turn it off for a while or switch tothe Mild Mandala.
  • Depending on how sensitive you are to the technology, shorter or longer listening periodsmay work best for you.
  • Just as physical nootropic supplements are dosage dependent (meaning that it is possibleto either take too low a dose, too high a dose or just the right dose for you), so, too, isDigital Nootropic dose dependent.
  • Please DO NOT do what one customer did and fail to read these instructions and insteadplay the Digital Nootropic program nonstop for a week. This customer contacted us andasked why the program was making them feel so bad. And we informed them that theywere clearly ignoring all the instructions and, as a result, were overdosing on the program.(Don’t worry. Overdosing won’t hurt you or cause any serious damage, but it will make youfeel very uncomfortable for a while.)

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Digital Nootropic – Subtle Energy Sciences
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