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“Ecom Freedom: The world’s best online business and Amazon FBA training”

EcomFreedom.com is the world’s best Amazon FBA and online business training.
With hundreds of verified testimonials and over $10,000,000+ in sales from our members…
The results of our members are 5-10x any other program in the industry…

Now is the time to start building your dreams…

Only 2 years ago, I was in the exact same shoes as you and with Amazon FBA, I was able to start on the path of my entrepreneurial journey, build my dream life, and reach total and ultimate freedom. I did this because, like many others, I realized the power of the Internet and I took advantage of the opportunities that it has brought to us today.

Dan Vas: My Story

Only a few years ago, I was 20 years old, stuck at a corporate job that I absolutely hated trying to desperately pay off $40,000 of college debt that I had accumulated by pursuing a worthless degree… with no way out. However, I always had this massive ambition in me and this deep passion for entrepreneurship – but I had no ‘outlet’ and no actual business model to apply myself in.

That’s when I started my journey and went all in on building the life of my dreams…
2 years ago, I found out about Amazon FBA – and fast forward to today, I was able to become become a millionaire at the age of 22 and am now scaling to 8 figures per year ($10M/Year) in my eCommerce and online education business.

I’ve also been able to build an amazing YouTube channel with over 75,000 subscribers – full of incredibly valuable videos on how to make money online, building a successful Amazon FBA business, eCommerce, Shopify, and most importantly – mindset.

It’s no accident that these videos lit the spark that allowed me to create the world’s #1 community and platform for people wanting to learn how to start a successful online business and change their lives.

Starting an Amazon FBA business changed my entire life and is the best decision that I’ve ever made…
It gave me the abundance and freedom to design a life on my own terms, while also giving me the confidence to launch myself into pursuing bigger goals and mastering other businesses.

My Mission: To wake millions of people up to the massive opportunities that exist with online business and Amazon FBA today, and to rewire their mindset.

It’s only the beginning, and I don’t plan on stopping until my mission is complete…

What’s Included In Ecom Freedom:

The Ecom Freedom course is a step-by-step  proven process that shows you EXACTLY how to start a successful, profitable Amazon FBA business from zero.

Even if you are a complete beginner and you have no previous business experience, the course will show you how to succeed with building an Amazon FBA business fast.

You’ll be helped along every step of the way of your Amazon FBA journey so you can reach your goals and dreams quickly.

Join the largest community of successful Amazon FBA entrepreneurs, share your success with them, ask questions, and create relationships that will change your life.

Enjoy complete, unlimited 1-on-1 mentorship from the very beginning all the way to success.

Mentorship is key to success in any online program and that’s why you’ll have access to personal mentorship from two multiple six-figure sellers and expert coaches who have gone through the course and have reached success.

The Ecom Freedom course is the most complete Amazon FBA training ever created and includes the most advanced and effective strategies to successfully sell on Amazon FBA in 2019.

Our members have made over $10,000,000+ in sales on Amazon FBA and the number continues to grow every single day.

Join our bi-weekly LIVE Q&A calls with the Ecom Freedom community and receive 2 HOURS of personal mentorship with Dan Vas and the team.

Every single call is recorded and available for access at any time for all Ecom Freedom members in case you couldn’t make it.

The Ecom Freedom course is a step-by-step  proven process that shows you EXACTLY how to start a successful, profitable Amazon FBA business from zero.

Even if you are a complete beginner and you have no previous business experience, the course will show you how to succeed with building an Amazon FBA business fast.

What We Cover

Module 1: Introduction

  • The most important fundamental steps in succeeding on Amazon FBA
  • Getting into a relentless success mindset that forces you to succeed
  • Detailed explanation of the entire Amazon FBA business model
  • Important keys to getting your Amazon Seller Account setup the right way
  • Secrets to endless, unlimited motivation that propels you to your dreams
  • Best way to get a business license, insurance, sales tax setup
  • Fatal mistakes that most Amazon sellers make with their accounts and how to prevent them

Module 2: Product Research

  • How to build a million dollar Amazon FBA brand and expand worldwide
  • Everything you need to know to easily and predictably find successful Amazon products to sell
  • The 7 Golden Product Research Techniques™ to easily find products that will keep selling for years
  • Which categories to choose for maximum results and those to avoid selling in
  • Secret keys to putting your product and your brand ahead of 99% of the competition
  • The most extensive product research section and training for Amazon FBA on Earth
  • What tools you should use to achieve the fastest and best results
  • The Ecom Freedom™ criteria for choosing winning products repeatably and predictably
  • How to find winning profitable products internationally (Amazon UK, Europe, Asia)
  • How to check for patents, trademarks, and restrictions before you select a product
  • An entire final checklist before you move onto the next module to make sure you’ve got the winning product

Module 3: Finding A World Class Supplier

  • The exact step-by-step process to choose high quality world class suppliers
  • Calculating all of Amazon’s FBA fees and what to expect before launching
  • Learning how to source amazing quality products from ANYWHERE in the world
  • Creating a professional online presence for your brand to set yourself up for winning
  • Using the exclusive Ecom Freedom™ Supplier Template to contact suppliers
  • The best secret ways to communicate with suppliers to get fast responses
  • Calculating your exact profit margin easily using the Ecom Freedom™ Profitability Calculator
  • Ordering samples the right way and purchasing barcodes (UPC)
  • A formula for determining exactly how many units to order for your initial order
  • Air vs. sea shipping and the pros and cons of each, as well as best practices

Module 4: Creating A Beautiful Listing

  • How to create beautiful, exceptionally high quality listings that blow your competition out of the water
  • The best way to get a superb logo + professional branding for your product
  • Finding the most profitable, highest converting keywords for your product
  • The exact secret formula for determining the best price you should sell at
  • Secrets to being ahead of 99% of your competition on Amazon
  • Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry
  • Crafting the best title, bullet points and description to get more sales
  • The BEST ways to get beautiful product pictures for your listing
  • Maximizing the time you have while waiting for your 1st order to arrive
  • Things to do if you’re about to run out of stock

Module 5: Shipping Your Product To Amazon

  • A complete walkthrough of shipping your product from your supplier DIRECTLY to the Amazon FBA warehouse without you ever touching it or seeing it
  • Correct instructions to give to your suppliers to make sure your product arrives without any issues
  • What to do with Amazon labels as well as important things to watch out for when shipping
  • An entire recap and summary up until this point in the training

Module 6: Product Launch

  • How to launch your product so that it automatically starts getting sales in your first few weeks of selling
  • Key preparation steps to do before you launch to make sure your rank will stick
  • An intro to Amazon PPC and why it’s an important part of your branding strategy
  • Entire PPC launch method that allows you to get sales on your very first day of selling
  • The single best way to get legitimate, verified product reviews on autopilot
  • Creating a bulletproof email sequence using the Ecom Freedom™ Email Sequence templates
  • Structuring your launch for guaranteed success, and optimization strategies to be ahead of the competition
  • Creating promotional coupons and giveaways
  • Getting a video ad for your listing
  • Erasing negative seller feedback

Module 7: Elite Amazon PPC Advertising

  • Introducing the Ecom Freedom™ Elite PPC Framework with all the step by step campaigns to run for ultra profitable PPC
  • Best practices for launching profitable automatic and manual campaigns
  • The most complete & in-depth guide to Amazon PPC in any course on the planet
  • Optimizing your PPC campaigns regularly
  • Simple ‘set and forget’ PPC campaigns that will get you sales every day
  • Traveling for free paid for by Amazon PPC

Module 8: Advanced Marketing & Ads

  • Overview of every single advanced marketing method that should be a part of your Amazon branding strategy
  • An entire Amazon-Facebook Ads module for running masterful, laser-targeted Facebook Ads to your customers
  • Finding the best influencers to promote your product via social media
  • Selecting the best custom audiences
  • Using Facebook Engagement ads to boost social proof and get more sales
  • Using Manychat to setup an automatic chatbot that gets you sales
  • Creating a ‘set and forget’ retargeting system for product reviews
  • Setting up & growing your brand’s social media
  • How to use Clickfunnels for professional product landing pages & launches

Module 9: Things You Must Know

  • How to protect your Amazon FBA account from hackers
  • How to easily remove negative seller feedback
  • Determining when exactly it’s time to restock
  • Handling cashflow to stay cash net positive and tips for reordering
  • Opening multiple Amazon seller accounts legitimately and why it’s important
  • How to make sure your product will continue selling past launch
  • Getting back thousands of dollars Amazon owes you

Module 10: Scaling To $1,000,000

  • Scaling your Amazon brand past millions of dollars/year in sales at high profit
  • A roadmap to grow your business sustainably and profitably for years
  • Building a raving customer fanbase
  • What you should be thinking about when making future business decisions
  • Growing your business for cash in or cash out (profit vs. selling the brand)
  • Taking advantage of growing trends
  • Expanding onto Shopify and other platforms to build worldwide presence

BONUS: Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course

  • All of the most life changing wealth & success lessons that I’ve learned in my journey from broke to millionaire at 23
  • Rewiring your brain to think like a millionaire
  • What I wish they had taught me in school
  • My recommended reading list that took me from a broke college kid to 7 figures
  • Maintaining and growing success
  • Never released before other than in this training

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Amazon FBA

We are going to see together why Amazon FBA is the best business you can start right now if you’re looking to achieve freedom in your life.

I will explain why selling on Amazon is the simplest and most profitable business to start for a new beginner who is looking to start an online business.

Amazon is growing bigger and bigger every year, and there’s NEVER been a better time to go up with the rising tide and achieve financial freedom with Amazon.

Choosing The Right Profitable Products

Choosing the wrong product is the #1 cause of failure of all beginners who are trying to start Amazon FBA.

That’s why I created the most in-depth product research module with every single latest method and technique that is proven to work and will allow you to easily find a profitable product that will sell. I share all of my product research secrets that took me years to figure out on my own, and even if that’s not enough for you to find a product – I even go the extra mile to recommend you great products to sell.

Finding World Class Suppliers

Finding a great supplier and establishing a good working relationship with them is crucial to success on Amazon.

Many beginners choose low quality bad suppliers, and end up getting tons of negative reviews and customer feedback on their products causing their business to fail. In the training, I show my own proven method that I’ve used to find suppliers that I’ve used for hundreds of thousands of dollars in product orders.

Creating A Beautiful Listing + Launch

Most listings on Amazon are really downright bad. That’s why having a beautiful listing and knowing exactly what to put in the title, bullet points and description to get as many customers as possible for your product is key.

I put an entire step by step module in the training on creating an amazing product listing that blows your competition away.

Now that we have our listing, how do we actually get sales? That’s the product launch, and I show the best method in 2019 and 2020 to start getting sales.

Elite PPC & Advanced Marketing

I prepared a world class PPC module complete with beginner to advanced techniques including mastering automatic campaigns, scaling and optimizing manual campaigns, as well as easy PPC campaigns to launch (such as the broad match) that will continue getting you sales no matter what.

Most Amazon sellers and beginners have no idea how to run PPC. They end up spending thousands on running incredibly unprofitable PPC that leaves them with razer thin profit margins, or no profit at all. That won’t be you, as you’ll get all my secrets in the training.

Millionaire Mindset Secrets

Success is 80% mindset and 20% actually doing the business model.

Most people on Amazon don’t treat it as a real business and think of it as some kind of fast way to enrich themselves, whereas the ones that do and that HAVE the success mindset of millionaires and billionaires are the ones that truly succeed in the long term, for years to come.

This mindset course alone is worth thousands and I never released it anywhere other than in th

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