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For the first time, Cody Bramlett, owner behind BioHarmony — one of the fastest growing supplements of all-time — reveals his money-making secrets…

“Copy And Paste” My Entire
$41,789,473 Supplement Business
With This 4-Step Blueprint
The suppliers the tech systems the high-converting strategies you (or your employees) can use to build an 8-figure supplement business faster than ever without inventory or having tons of cash to burn and even if you’re brand new…

“Very few people understand the supplement business like Cody Bramlett. I watched first hand as he scaled one of his brands to over $15MM in a single year, during a freakin’ Pandemic.

That alone is impressive, but what really stands out to me is his holistic grasp of every piece of the puzzle. Copy, traffic, funnels, inventory, merchant processing, email marketing, you name it. Cody can provide the blueprint for how to do it because he’s ALREADY been there.

The big reason why was because Cody has built such a plug-and-play blueprint in his supplement business, and this is something that almost anyone can model off of as well!”

Dear friend,

The new online supplement gold rush is here.

Everywhere you look, affiliate managers, copywriters, media buyers, even complete newbies are starting a supplement business…


But for reasons I’ll explain in a moment, the supplement profits we’ve seen are just the start of what’s to come.

And if you’d like to ride the supplement wave and create the business, life, and financial freedom you deserve faster than you thought possible…

Today, I’ll walk you through every step of making it happen.

From the traffic strategies… the partners… the suppliers… even the merchant processors and taxes…

And how you can avoid every costly mistake I’ve ever made (including one that cost me $860,000 in a single day).

After selling over $41 million worth of supplements, I can confidently say I’ve cracked the supplement millionaire code.

And for the first time ever, I’m going to pull back the curtain for you and reveal it all.

I’ve distilled over 7 years of success in the supplement business into…

Introducing the Supplement Millionaire Blueprint

This is the ONLY video course that breaks down my 4 step blueprint in a logical and easy to understand way…

So that you can build a multi-million dollar supplement business online, faster than you ever thought possible.

And unlike other guru’s, I actively use every step of this blueprint in all my current supplement businesses, and the new ones I’m launching…

Which means you’ll always have the most tested and up to date blueprint to copy and paste and build your own multi million dollar behemoth.

Now this course is organized into 4 distinct modules, which are meant to be enjoyed in bite sized chunks – either by you or your team.

Just jump to any section or module about what YOU want to know, for your specific situation…

And in less than 15 minutes, you’ll have the answers you need.

It’s that simple.

In fact, you can even send specific modules to different team members based on their role, for a truly done-for-you experience.

And it all starts with module 1…

MODULE 1 Setup: How To Save An Extra $250,000 Before You Launch

In this first module we’ll go over everything you need to set up your business for success, using the exact systems and software’s I use every single day.

In fact, if you start without these in place chances are you’ll run into some trouble like I did, and lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bottom line? Following this module could save YOU $250,000 before you even launch.

Give me just 15 minutes and you’ll know more than every accountant with a CPA degree when it comes to finances.

And if you’ve already started selling, I’ll show you how to implement these into your existing systems as well.

I’ll also show you…

  • How to instantly write off an additional 50k/year with one simple accounting tweak. Yes this is 100% legal. Seriously just give this to your accountant and within 24 hours, you’ll be to banish uncle sam from your hard-earned profits.
  • Corporation or LLC? Which is right for you, depends on your situation. But choosing poorly costs you tens of thousands of dollars down the line. And every mainstream source has it wrong.
  • You should set up your business where you work from, right? WRONG! There are only 2 states you should set up your supplement business, regardless of where you live or work (And no, it’s not Texas or Puerto Rico)
  • WARNING! Avoid these legal disclaimer and privacy policy mistakes like the plague. Ignoring this single warning could leave you broke and potentially sued.
  • Ninja travel tricks so you can write 5x as much off. (Seriously-simple, do these TWO things and within 5 minutes, travelling could actually make you money.)
  • How to get high quality, low cost supplements WITHOUT paying for any inventory, manufacturing, or warehousing upfront. Yes, this works for both “whitelabel” and custom formulas.
  • What NEVER to write off unless you want to get audited. (and the 7 special categories you can write off as a supplement business owner. Pay close attention to #3 – something most folks always overlook)
  • PLUS: My super secret “PTL” investment that can instantly TRIPLE your tax credit right off. And how to get a $25,000 instant write off on your car. Completely legal and easy to implement.

MODULE 2 Sell – The Secret Sauce To My $41M Empire And Most Importantly: Plug And Play Templates So You Can Build Your Own Empire

In this section, you’ll learn how to become the online entrepreneur you always knew you were meant to be: a calm, cool-headed, systematic money making machine.

Go through these 4 short videos, and take your supplement business from zero to a million at light speed using world class internet marketing tools I’ve personally split tested on my journey to $41 million online.

Here’s a sample of the money making secrets you’ll discover:

  • The 6 step formula to writing killer sales pages that convert. And why you should almost NEVER write your own sales pages.
  • Hiring copywriters 101. We both know the best copywriters charge tens of thousands of dollars for their work. Here’s how you can hire copywriters with multi million dollar track records and only pay them AFTER they start making you money.
  • The single most important part of your VSL that can make or break your conversions (Hint: it has NOTHING to do with the copy or design of the page).
  • Warning: Are you using images on your website? Make sure to NEVER get them from these sources (ignoring this can leave you open to a lawsuit). Plus exactly where to put images on the page to maximize conversions (and where to avoid them at all costs).
  • The definitive guide on where to place images, how big to make them, and what your captions should say almost word for word. (Do this wrong and I guarantee you that you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot before you even start.
  • How to design your upsell pages for maximum conversions. I’ll give you the exact templates to copy and paste (religiously tested with over 41M dollars) so you can start printing money almost immediately.

Why you should NEVER try and build your own CRM. And the #1 CRM I use to scale my business to multiple 8 figures, that you should be too.

Combined with the lessons you already put into action from module one, when you finish this section, you’ll be in possession of a powerful one-two punch of time-honored supplement business knowledge.

And regardless if you’re a complete newbie or an experienced veteran with millions of sales under your belt…

Once you go through these first 2 modules, I guarantee you’ll be on track to make more money with your supplement business than ever before.

Which brings us to module 3…

MODULE 3 Systematize – My foolproof plan to building a high performing virtual team that runs the business for you

One of the biggest pitfalls of most online entrepreneurs is that because they can work whenever they want, they end up working all the time.

In this module, you’ll learn proven strategies to build a real business that prints money whether you’re working or not.

Which means, you can finally wake up after a week of vacationing with friends or family, to more money in your bank account, more sales, and a thriving, growing business.

Here’s a few of the sizzling secrets you’ll learn…

  • The single most important full time hire you should make as soon as you start selling (Hint: it’s not a VA or affiliate manager). Ignore this and you could go bankrupt within a month.
  • Hate customer service, and don’t want to hire a stranger? Here’s the #1 company to use for customer service that will dramatically lower your refund rates and keep more cash in your bank. FACT: after hiring these guys, our refunds were slashed by 5% within a week.
  • In-house teams are the best way to manage employees right? WRONG! They’re the worst option if you want to maximize the profitability of your business.
  • When you should hire a VA and how to train them (PLUS: the #1 resource for hiring top notch VAs that speak english, are fluent in tech work and cost pennies on the dollar)

Warning: Only hire an affiliate manager after these steps.

The #1 software you need to install as soon as you start generating sales to protect against fraud, scammers, and thieves.

Credit card processing for supplement businesses: Who to use and why you should NEVER use Stripe or paypal, even though their fees are dramatically lower. PLUS: The fastest way to get multiple MIDs and credit card processing.

Where to get insurance, how much to get, and when to get it to protect you from getting sued.

MODULE 4 Scale – Step By Step How I Scaled My Empire Beyond 41M And How You Can Do The Same…

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Inside this module, I’ll show you step by step how to scale to 8-figures in mere months. Combined with the tools you learned in the first 3 modules, this will feel almost too easy.

You’ll work just a few hours per day while the business does the rest of the heavy lifting.

You’ll also learn…

  • Money printing machines. The fastest way to set up TWO systems that generate a flood of new customers and turn them into your own personal ATM machines that eagerly give you money whenever you need it.
  • How often should you send emails and when should you be selling? I’ll give you the perfect ratio to maximize sales and minimize list burn and churn.
  • Affiliates 101: How and where to find the right affiliates to promote your products even if you’re a complete newbie and know nobody. PLUS: how to pay them properly so they promote you again and again.
  • Why not every affiliate should get the same CPA and step by step how to determine the CPA you should be paying your affiliates to maximize revenue and business growth.
  • How to get the email of every single person that lands on your page, even if they don’t buy your product (and how to remarket them to acquire new customers for almost free.) PLUS: the right legal conditions you need to have on the page.
  • Networking is the most important thing for growing your business, right? WRONG! Focus on this one needle-mover instead, and you’ll have your own multi million dollar cash cow in record time.
  • The 7 step autoresponder series you need to implement for new customers to start flooding your bank account, building trust, and maximizing the lifetime value of your customers. PLUS when to move them into your main broadcast (screw this up, and you’ll destroy your list and profits).
  • The minimum open rate you need to keep your ISP healthy. Plus how often to delete subscribers that haven’t opened your emails.
  • Simple strategies to craft wildly-profitable emails that your affiliates can use to promote you for years to come. Plus the best length for emails if you want to print money. And why you should NEVER send to unopens.

In this module, you’ll also learn the stupid simple way to add 30% more money to your bank account every time you email your customer. It’s completely legal and takes less than a day to set up…

PLUS… 3 simple tweaks you can use to sell the exact same offer for years on end (and the magic number when you should look to pivot)… A complete list of the best masterminds, facebook groups, and virtual programs to join to find affiliates and networks. And which ones to avoid at all costs.

It’s no surprise why people are saying that…

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Cody Bramlett – Supplement Millionaire Blueprint
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