Yengub & Brandon Nguyen – eCom Incubator
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Yengub & Brandon Nguyen – eCom Incubator



eCom Incubator – The course will teach you how to dropship a product from China and sell it on Facebook while building your Shopify store.

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Copy exactly what we do to create our offers, scale our ads, build our businesses, and much more. Our systems are easy to use, from email marketing to Google ads to copywriting to product researching. All designed to help you quickly open and grow your business profitably.

This course will show how to dropship products from China and sell them on Facebook, while simultaneously building your Shopify shop.

This course is not revolutionary and most of the content is well-known in dropshipping. These are legitimate business models and have made people money.

These are the modules in this course:

Dropshipping: How it works

Scaling according to customer flow

This guide will show you how to hide from China when you dropship

Apps worth checking out for your store

How to make a product landing page that converts effectively

What are the steps for creating ads?

How to find products that sell and how do you do product research

How to run Facebook ads

An overview of automating your store


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