Wholesale Hackers – Facebook Ads for Real Estate



Traditional real estate advertising isn’t holding up in the digital age.

So, if you are a real estate investor you need to change the way you promote your properties.

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What we can learn from Facebook Ads for Real Estate?
In this course, we will see how Wholesale made $12,000 in 15 days without Adwords, direct mail, driving for dollars, ringless voicemail or cold calling on $150 Ad spend and how we can do it too.

Content :
1. Welcome!
2. Module 1 Facebook Ads Explained
3. Module 2 The Basics
4. Module 3 Ad and Funnel Creation
5. Module 4 Pixel Hacker
6. Module 5 Targeting
7. Module 6 Ad Management
8. Module 7 Automation
9. Bonus Area