Vick Strizheus & Shubham Singh – E-Com Entrepreneur
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Vick Strizheus & Shubham Singh – E-Com Entrepreneur



It’s time to become a real e-com entrepreneur!

Vick Strizheus’s Four Percent Group is branching out to ecommerce, creating a course called Ecom Entrepreneur, that features Shubham Singh as program guru.
And from what I’ve seen of the promotional material, I like the message.
But then I generally do with Vick Strizheus.

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It’s Now Your Time to Become a Real eCom Entrepreneur!

Course Intro

  • Introduction to ECOM Entrepreneur

Module 1: Finding the Product

  • Finding manufacturer on Alibaba
  • Finding USA manufacturers

Module 2: Building Blocks

  • Creating your company name and domain
  • How to create a great logo
  • Securing Social Media Accounts

Module 3: Content Creation

  • Tips for taking great photos
  • Apps for cool editing
  • Tips for making great videos
  • Tips for written content

Module 4: Creating Your Store

  • Important – Create your Shopify account from here only

Module 5: Setting Up a Store From Scratch

  • Setting Up a Store From Scratch

Module 6: Pre-Launch Checklist

  • Pre-Launch Checklist
  • Connecting Social Media
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Retargeting app setup and integration
  • Shipping app setup
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Inventory Management
  • Live Chat Setup

Module 7: Launching Your Store

  • Launching Your Store

Module 8: Going Big

  • Going Big

Module 9: Your Big Exit

  • Your Big Exit

Vick Strizheus’s Four Percent Group is branching out to ecommerce, creating a course called Ecom Entrepreneur, that features Shubham Singh as program guru.
And from what I’ve seen of the promotional material, I like the message.
But then I generally do with Vick Strizheus.
Vick Strizheus
Vick looks in good shape these days, obviously working out and eating well.
That’s apparent as I’ve been watching a lot of his older (and probably pirated) traffic generating strategies on Youtube, and physical improvement aside, I have to say, even if some of the information is out of date now, it’s still refreshing.
Because Vick isn’t just repeating the same old shit you’d still hear everywhere else, it really was revelatory information and a new way of looking at getting leads/customers.
I was so impressed I even went looking for the now defunct High Traffic Academy!
I mostly found complaints and negative reviews after doing that, but still… that’s the salesmanship of Vick Strizheus!
So I’m very careful around this guy.
I know of him, I’m aware of his rep, I’m fully versed in all the shit he’s done… and I still find myself warming to him! Because despite his shady past (prison for fraud), the accusations of affiliate ID swapping, Empower, previous defunct programs (Big Idea Mastermind etc.)… Vick does actually know what he’s talking about when it comes to traffic generation! He’s no scammer in that regard at least: he is a bona fide expert in that field.
Like I’ve said, he’s an enigmatic character that’s hard to gauge.
Add to that, that this guy is very, very good at selling and inveigling himself, and you’ll understand why I tread so warily around him – and his invites to spend my money on his programs.
So I’m not surprised, that at least superficially, I like what I hear in the promo vids.
Because as per traffic generation, Vick isn’t just saying the same old tired bullshit that every other would-be drop-shipping guru is saying.
And he’s right too; there’s so much “smoke” out there, that you don’t know who’s for real, and who’s just repeating what the last guy said. Like I demonstrated in my Chris Cobb review, it’s easy to manipulate the output of Shopify and Facebook ads reports: anyone can look like they’ve got impressive sales figures with a couple of screenshots after the right bit of doctoring.
Vick is also spot-on about the advice for drop-shipping: find something on Aliexpress, steal the stock images, throw them up on your site, spend five bucks on Facebook ads, and hope you make twenty cents from it.
I had to laugh too, when he said he just saved you five thousand dollars, because yeah, that’s drop-shipping in a nutshell.
And because it’s such a vague strategy there’s a whole off-shoot of other programs you can buy on Facebook ads and niche/product selection – for another $997 or thereabouts.
So Vick is coming at this differently, pitching it differently, to the potential course-buying audience.
Saying something new in other words.
Or at least something that hasn’t been said a thousand times already.
Promo Production
The videos aren’t the usual shitty production value you come to expect with Facebook-Clickfunnels promos: these are slicker, better shot, better quality. Looks like some effort and thought’s been put in before hitting ‘record,’ and some more effort and thought’s been put in after pressing ‘stop’ and getting back to the editing software.
Which is good marketing.
Well… at the least the segments with Vick walking through New York city obviously feel that way, once we get to the sit down sections it’s maybe not so apparent.
But even these sections are better done, more polished, better lit and sound; more ‘studio’ – even if they’re not.
Which is in keeping with the overall message of the piece, which it transpires is the power of good branding.
Shubham Singh
I’d never heard of this guy prior to Vick introducing him, but it’s a big world, so maybe not too surprising.
I don’t doubt the guy’s credentials or success, and I like what he’s saying… but he’s not as focused as Vick and if he can say something in ten sentences instead of one, he does.
It’s not that he’s verbose or deliberately adding fluff to pad the scenes out I don’t think, it’s just how he is I reckon. He’s just one of those guys that it takes him forever to get to the point of what he’s saying, and goes off on so many tangents, he’s often in danger of missing his own point – but Vick reels him back in and gets him there.

Vick cheerleads Shubham’s advice, and his success story, and the advice imparted is good… but charismatic and engaging Shubham is not.
Despite being very enthusiastic and animated.
It’s a sort of curious combination that you’d think would work, but somehow doesn’t. I frequently found myself thinking, “Get to the point already!” And you couldn’t even skip forward in case you missed a nugget, as his flow was all over the place.
And… in the first vid, I think Shubham must be suffering from a throat infection/cold or something, as his voice sounds shot, and makes listening to him not the most pleasant of experiences.
Like nails down a blackboard.
But yeah, he has a good story to tell of how he built his business… he just needs a good ghost writer to tell it for him, though!


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