Van Vizovisek – Become a Jedi Copy Master
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Van Vizovisek – Become a Jedi Copy Master



Inside the course, I’ll explain in detail every copywriting principle you need to become better at writing copy, even if your school teacher said your writing sucks.

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What you get:
– Market research on steroids: In less than 9 minutes, I will show you how to conduct market research for any audience and any niche.
This means finding their inner & unspoken desires and pains – the golden nugget when it comes to writing copy. You’ll be able to identify their personality.
– A simple way to write great copy for a niche you have zero interest in. I had to write copy to the most difficult niches. I still wrote a masterpiece. I’ll show my method inside.
– EXPLAINED IN-DETAIL: Eugene Schwartz, A-list copywriter, explains the concept 90% of copywriters don’t know about.
– What are markets & submarkets and which niche to choose to almost guarantee success. Most novice copywriters fail because they choose niches that aren’t suitable for copywriting.
– How market research can be done by itself. This is how: You can use a popular website that is free to access and you can find any niche that interests you. It takes only 3 minutes.
– How I let others do my research for me: This is an easy task that you can do to avoid having to study and understand complex processes. Copywriters in the health niche will be amazed at the results.
– This is a way to make boring features more appealing: You can choose benefits over features. Everyone is yelling about it. How can you make boring features more appealing? This is what they don’t tell you. They don’t want to tell you or don’t know what it is.
Principle Palpatine’s way to use emotions to your benefit: The same “dark”, way I used to sell digital products and weight-loss products to make my friends do things that they would never normally do.
– This is a real-life example of how to master advanced copywriting principles, even if you are a complete novice. Once you see it in action, you will find that it is a breeze to learn how to do it.
– An introduction to human nature and how to use it to convince your reader to purchase your products. The darkest secrets of humanity – often unspoken – are revealed inside.
– This is a quick tweak that you can make to your copy to get your readers to stick to it. It takes less than 5 minutes.
– This step-by-step guide will help you create perfect copy. It works for any format (within DR Marketing).
Jay Abraham, one of the most successful copywriters in history, has headlines that are everywhere. He brought millions in revenue. It is my headline swipe file that I use for my copywriting clients to help them beat their current controls.
– Fill in the blank to create headline templates that will work for 99% niches.
– My PUSH PULL method to convert even the most ardent haters into raving fans.
– [Step-by-step]How to handle any objection in your copy.
– This is a strange way to overcome writer’s block. You will forget what it was like to not know what topic to write about.
– BONUS I: This is a special training program that will help you become a paid copywriter.
– BONUS 2: This is a crucial mindset shift you must make to be successful in sales and copywriting. This will ensure that you don’t lose your copywriting career.
– BONUS III – How to create 2 swipe files
– BONUS 4: How to get in a mood to write killer copy (it never fails).
– BONUS V – 8 most important human-nature-based life forces that you can use for persuasion to readers, friends and family (from Cashvertising book).
– BONUS VI – A filtered list with great copywriting information.

Van Vizovisek – Become a Jedi Copy Master


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