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Learn to digitally “print money” with DeFi. The world’s leading Yield Farming experts walk you through the ins and outs of the new generation of decentralized finance. Welcome to the new world.

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What Is Yield Farming?

People are betting big on crypto. And they’re not just using their own money, they’re borrowing thousands, even millions of dollars, to do it. But there aren’t any mainstream banks lending in crypto. So who’s doing the lending?

Individuals like you.

For the first time in history, anyone can be the bank and “farm the yield” that comes from it (ie. print massive amounts of digital dollars).

The world’s only yield farming mastermind. Over 20+ hours of advanced training on how to locate and profit from the highest yields. One private community of Yield Farmers sharing intel before it hits the mainstream. Access to our proprietary yield farming tools, spreadsheets, and systems.

How do yield farmers earn a return on investment?Dropdown Icon

In yield farming, the return on investment falls into the following three categories.

  • Transaction fee income
    Transaction fees show variation with different protocols and pools. For example, the fee set at the stage of pool creation by the user in the Balancer pool shows variation between 0.001% and 10%. Other pools like Uniswap charge a flat fee of about 0.03%. All fees are passed to liquidity providers. Hence, it is likely that governance token holders will receive a portion of the proceeds in the future.
  • Token rewards
    Token rewards are used in the form of incentives to offer liquidity. These rewards get distributed over a specific period of weeks, months or even years. The tokens rewarded are often used to govern the system during issuance at any time. These tokens are traded on decentralized exchanges as well as on some centralized exchanges like Coinbase.
  • Capital growth
    Capital growth helps to compute the profitability of any challenging yield farming opportunity. When the yield farming strategy involves BTC, REN, SNX and CRV assets, they become volatile and can move without correlation. Therefore, it is essential to adopt yield farming strategies that align positively with involved tokens like stablecoins to avoid volatility.


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