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Google Ads Ecom Academy is Tristan Broughton’s paid traffic mastery course for the Google Ads platform.

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Google Ads Ecom Academy is a course taught by Tristan Broughton designed to optimize Google ad campaigns in the most efficient manner. Additionally, Broughton also touches upon the product aspect of dropshipping, teaching you product research and optimization. Overall, this course is a guide to the advanced aspects of dropshipping, and is designed for those who want to scale their campaigns to be efficient and cheap.

roughton creates this course specifically for dropshippers, but the principles of google advertising he teaches is universally applicable across a wide range of industries. Understand though, this course doesn’t teach you dropshipping itself, it only teaches you Google Ads.

Who Is Tristan Broughton?

Tristan Broughton is a dropshipping entrepreneur who claims to have made millions in online business. He follows the stereotypical “business guru”: youtube channel with clickbait titles, throws out a lot of figures, and focuses on selling his course. With that said, his Youtube channel does provide more value and information than most. There may be a hint of truth with Broughton’s entrepreneurial journey, but it’s not one found easily. His website makes little mention of his specific businesses, other than just labeling himself an “ecommerce & paid traffic expert”.

Broughton does give good advice throughout the course about Google Ads, but it is difficult to find out his specific entrepreneurial journey. Broughton currently runs his Youtube channel with content updates, with a subscriber count of 41k.

Google Ads Ecom Academy Pricing

Google Ads Ecom Academy costs $397. This comes with lifetime access to the course and all it’s updates, and also comes with:

  • Facebook group access, with mentorship from Broughton himself
  • List of “negative keywords”
  • Bonus module: “search campaign explosion”
  • Access to Broughtons supplier list

You can also buy Google Ads Ecom Academy and his other course “Product Winner Blueprint 2.0” for $497. This is essentially his course for Facebook ads. If you currently using Facebook ads and find his Google Ads academy course tempting, it may be worth it to buy the bundle for the extra $100.

Google Ads Ecom Academy Curriculum

The course is split into 10 different modules, each covering a specific aspect of Google Ads.

Module 1- Store Setup

This is the pretty basic “technical startup” that a lot of courses follow. It’s a guided walkthrough that takes you through the ins and outs of getting set up. For example, Tristan Broughton teaches you how to create your account, set up your first ad, and get it running.

Broughton goes over the basics of Google Ads and setting up your store, guiding you through the interface.

This module also takes a step back and teaches some useful principles, such as creating a proper store layout, product descriptions, and pricing in order to appeal to buyer psychology. I think it’s a great idea to include these here, because they’re vital information you’re gonna use throughout this course.

Module 2- Store Compliance

This module is self explanatory. Essentially, Tristan Broughton goes over the “don’ts” of Google ads. He explains how strict Google Ads is, and many mistakes to avoid. These rules are quite useful, as violating one can result in your ad being suspended, or even your account. Although most of it seems quite obvious, it still proves to be a good refresher.

Module 3- Product Research

One of the main things this module teaches you is to learn how to research your product before you start selling it. This is an absolute necessity, as it saves you much time and effort in the long run. Most drop shipping businesses fail because they execute exhausting marketing efforts on a losing product.

Tristan Broughton helps you avoid this by teaching you how to thoroughly research your competitors, the 3 product criteria guidelines Broughton follows, and many products to avoid. This module is definitely valuable, and can save you a lot of time going forward. As good as your ads can be, a winning product sells itself.

Module 4- Google Ads Setup

Once again, this is Broughton holding your hand through creating your first ad. A lot of this is pretty basic, and for the most part self explanatory. This is just another walkthrough section, although he does touch on some advanced settings such as conversion tracking, merchant center syncing, and item ID drills. This section, although basic, does condense some pretty complicated settings in an easy way. That being said, it’s not something unique that solely found in this course.

Module 5- Google Ads Testing

Tristan Broughton updated his course in 2019 with this module. In it, Broughton shows you how to test your ads using cheap but effective methods. He goes over how to specifically gear your ad towards your target audience to maximize efficiency. The information is quite valuable, and he even updated this module to fit the 2019 standard of Google Ads.

Module 6- Shopping Campaign Mastery

This module is more of a livestream of the modules previously taught. Broughton essentially livestreams himself setting up campaigns and making them profitable. It’s a long watch, but it’s also interesting to see the principles you learn executed live.

Module 7- Campaign Optimization

Once you get your first ad up and running, Broughton takes it a step further and shows you how to apply the analytics towards optimization. Numbers tell stories, and Broughton shows you how to read your analytics and tweak your ads based off of them. This is arguably the most important step of PPC ads, and is a skill few master. Broughton teaches this complex topic in an easy way.

Overall, Broughton goes over various strategies like bid redirection, search term exclusions, device bid adjustments, and unprofitable product exclusions. If you don’t know what any of those are, you will by the end of the module.

Module 8- Campaign Scaling

Once you’ve fine tuned your campaign to have optimal click through and cost per click rates, you’re ready to start scaling your ads up. Scaling is what takes your ads and your profits to the next levels, increasing the amount of traffic sent through your campaign significantly.

Just like the previous module, it’s quite technical. To scale your ads up, Broughton teaches you how to do advanced bid adjustments, day scheduling, TROAS bid strategy, international setup, and his revival method. Once again, if you don’t understand these terms, you will once Broughton explains them.

Module 9- Search Campaign Explosion

Search campaign explosion is one of the shorter modules, only having two videos. The first teaches you how to focus solely on proven conversion keywords in a retargeting effort. The second is creating a brand search campaign. Although nothing groundbreaking, Broughton claims this module is the “most profitable search campaign you’ll ever create”.

Module 10- Remarketing

The remarketing module shows you two main strategies: static image remarketing and dynamic remarketing. The videos show you how to create a highly specific audience using these strategies. Remarketing is where a lot of profit comes in, so make sure you revisit this module once your ads are successfully scaled.

Tristan Broughton’s Google Ads Ecom Academy Course Quality

Broughton has good production quality. The audio is quite clear, while a majority of the course is screen recorded. There’s nothing too special that brings it above average, but it’s still good enough that it does not interfere with your learning in any way. The website is quite simple to navigate, and is very user friendly.

Overall, the course’s quality is quite clear. It doesn’t interfere or seem outdated, but it doesn’t stand out as well.

Does Google Ads Academy Deliver?

As stated, Broughton doesn’t promise guaranteed income or Shopify mastery. He markets this course solely as a complete guide to Google Ads. In that sense, Broughton completely delivers on this promise.

Broughton teaches some very complex Google Ad techniques in a highly graspable way. He shows you some advanced strategies to set your campaign apart from your competitors. Additionally, he gives some vital information about competitive research, compliancy, and even picking the right products. As such, Broughton delivers a course that exceeded our expectations for a paid traffic course.

Who Is Broughton’s Google Ads Academy Course Best For?

This course is best for anyone in or starting out in the ecommerce industry. By teaching only Google Ads, Broughton’s course can be universally applicable across any online business. His guided walkthroughs can be useful to those who are just starting out, while his advanced strategies can be beneficial to those already having a Google Ad campaign running. Even so, beginners can fully comprehend the complex modules taught by Broughton, making his course a valuable asset to a wide range of skill levels. Anyone who conducts business online can find value in this course.