Tradeguider – VSA – Chart Reading Masterclass
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Tradeguider – VSA – Chart Reading Masterclass



The definitive chart reading reference work for all serious traders and investors. The powerful chart reading and trading techniques revealed during both live MasterClass sessions serve as a valuable foundation for your future chart reading development and success! Unique opportunity to discover practical skills from THREE seasoned traders. Veteran Syndicate Trader Tom Williams. Professional VSA Trader and Fund Manager Philip Friston. Professional Trader, TradeGuider CEO and VSA Expert Gavin Holmes, During the sessions they demonstrate patterns, trading strategies and market entries and exits that will really help you to increase your trading profits.

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Session 1 – Signs of weakness
End of a rising market
Session 2 – Signs of weakness
No demand at market top
Session 3 – Signs of weakness
No result from effort
Session 4 – Signs of weakness
The upthrust
Session 5 – Signs of weakness
No demand in a downtrend
Session 6 – Signs of weakness
Widespread down bar
Session 7 – Signs of weakness
Buying climax
Session 8 – Signs of weakness
Top reversal
Session 1 – Signs of strength
Bottom reversal
Session 2 – Signs of strength
Stopping volume
Session 3 – Signs of strength
Session 4 – Signs of strength
Wide spread up bar
Session 5 – Signs of strength
Bag holding
Session 6 – Signs of strength
Selling climax
Session 7 – Signs of strength
The Shakeout
Session 8 – Signs of strength
No supply