The Power MBA – The Power Digital Marketing
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The Power MBA – The Power Digital Marketing



Learn to master all the major digital marketing channels, metrics, tools, and methodologies directly from some of the world’s leading experts.

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The Power MBA – The Power Digital Marketing
The first full-stack and truly practical digital marketing program, where you will learn (or refresh) the fundamentals, get a 360º vision of all things marketing and master all the tools and strategies you need. Guided by the biggest icons of today’s marketing world (the father of growth-hacking Sean Ellis, Airbnb’s former CMO Jonathan Mildenhall, and so many more) in a format that fits into your life.

Who is it for?
For the curious seeking to update themselves on the rapidly changing world of digital marketing

For the driven who need to stay ahead of the curve in their current marketing job

For the ambitious from all backgrounds wanting to know about the profession that makes all the difference in today’s business world

For the entrepreneurs seeking to take advantage of the most efficient engine of growth

For the innovators that aim to push marketing to the next level in their own business and get the most out of digital channels

How will you get there?
1. You will learn the marketing fundamentals that make the difference and that don’t get taught anywhere else
2. You will gain a 360º perspectives on all things marketing (channels, metrics, strategies…)
3. You will learn from the biggest names in the industry, like the original growth hacker Sean Ellis, ex Facebook CMO Randi Zuckerberg, or ex Airbnb-CMO Jonathan Mildenhall…
4. Getting questions answered, exchanging ideas and connecting in additional live classes, the online forums and the community.

Module 1: Business and Marketing Fundamentals
• 1.1 Customers and market objectives

• 1.2 How to create a winning value proposition

• 1.3 How to create a disruptive value proposition and find your blue ocean

• 1.4 How to innovate with Lean Startup (the right way!)

• 1.5 Power Selling

Module 2: Marketing 360º
• 2.1 Key metrics

• 2.2 Strategic vision

• 2.3 Branding and attracting customers

• 2.4 Conversion optimization

• 2.5 Capturing and lead nurturing

• 2.6 Loyalty and retention

• 2.7 Recommendation and viral marketing

Module 3: Specializations
Once you finish the Marketing360º module, where a new class opens once a day in a specific order, you will have access to all specializations at once.

These let you dive deeper into specific topics – you can pick and choose between all of them, and do them at your own pace.

• 3.1 Search Engine Optimization

• 3.2 Facebook Ads

• 3.3 Google Ads

• 3.4 Growth Hacking

• 3.5 Influencer Marketing

• 3.6 PowerCMO

• 3.7 Working with Agencies

• 3.8 Analytics