TeamTreeHouse – Front End Web Development
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TeamTreeHouse – Front End Web Development



Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create engaging and interactive websites. In as little as three months you’ll be ready for an entry-level job as a Front End Web Developer.

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The Front End Web Development Techdegreeis a structured, online learning program that willprepare you for a career in the tech industry.

Treehouse’s Techdegree program is a structured, self-paced, online learningprogram that’s designed to give you entry-level job skills as a Front End WebDeveloper in as little as 4 months.

As a Front End Web Developer, you’ll work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — thefundamental building blocks of the web — to create engaging and interactivewebsites. The Techdegree, developed by industry professionals, starts at thebeginning giving you a firm foundation in HTML. You’ll then learn CSS, orCascading Style Sheets, the styling language used to make beautiful websites.Rounding out your education, you’ll learn JavaScript — the world’s most popularprogramming language. JavaScript lets you develop fun and interactiveexperiences on the web.

The Techdegree is a unique, self-paced, online learning environment whichengages students through video, written instruction, interactive quizzes, codechallenges, a live support community and a challenging set of projects whichhelp you master your newly learned skills and build out a polished portfolio ofprofessional quality projects.

Skills You’ll Develop

  • Coding web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Advanced page design techniques using flexbox, CSS grid, CSS animations, and otherpowerful CSS techniques.
  • Using graphics and image formats with web pages.
  • Programming fundamentals and software development best practices.
  • Debugging techniques to identify and fix coding problems.
  • Using common professional tools like text editors, Sass, Git and GitHub.
  • Creating responsive and interactive web pages with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Communicating with web site APIs to grab information from other sites like photosfrom Flickr, and space images from NASA.

Table of Content

1 – How to Make a Website

2.1 – HTML

2.2 – CSS Foundations

3 – Introduction to Programming

4 – JavaScript Foundations

5 – jQuery Basics

6.1 – Accesibility

6.2 – Website Optimization

7.1 – Console Foundations

7.2 – Git Basics

8 – Saas Basics


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