Teachable – Price Action Trading Program
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Teachable – Price Action Trading Program



The strategy revealed in the Price Action Trading Program of Teachable will empower you to trade the financial markets with a confident and consistent mind.

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Trade better with modern strategy in the Price Action Trading Program of Teachable
With the goal of taking all of your trading choices from a price chart that has been deleted or left naked, Price Action Trading (PAT) was created. The result is that indicators are not delayed, with the exception of possibly a few moving averages to aid in the identification of dynamic support, resistance, and trend areas. Data on price movement over various time periods is generated by all financial markets, and this information is displayed in price charts. During a given time period, price charts reflect the opinions and activities of all participants (human or computer) who trade on a market, and these convictions are represented by the price movement seen in the market price chart during that time period (PA).

What you expect to learn from the Price Action Trading Program of Teachable
The Price Action Trading Program is the culmination of the author’s 19-year trading career, which included thousands of hours of screen time and tactical insights gained while working with big financial institutions and proprietary trading businesses. This thorough training program will equip you with more confidence, clarity, and discipline, allowing you to speed your learning curve. You’ll learn all you need to know about trading using price action, including thorough trading methods, trigger settings, and risk management guidelines.

Additionally, the course teaches you how to think differently about markets and differentiate yourself from other traders. You will next develop the capacity to analyze supply and demand and identify supply and demand imbalances. Moreover, you will learn how to seek for momentum igniting and how to optimize trade performance by utilizing a filter and trigger procedure. Furthermore, the course will teach you how to evaluate your transactions, which is very beneficial for aggressive traders. Plus, specific methods under the Momentum Ignition and Price Exhaustion categories are discussed, as well as how to profit from institutional order flow.

Who does this Price Action Trading Program aim at?
Traders who gain the most from this training are often classified as one or more of the following. If you’re dissatisfied with your present trading and want to start over with a clean slate, a new attitude, and a new approach to trading, this course is for you. If you’re searching for a way to supplement your existing trading techniques, this course is also a good fit. If you are always taking two steps forward and three steps back, if you are near to consistency but something is lacking, this training is perfect for you. Additionally, if your discipline is missing and you consistently violate your trading rules, this course can assist you too.

Figure out the course curriculum of Price Action Trading Program
Module 1: A Complete Understanding the Foundations of Price Action
Module 2: Momentum Ignition
Module 3: Price Exhaustion
Module 4: Fundamental Drivers of Price Action
Module 5: Trade Selection Process
Module 6: Trade Triggers
Module 7: Increase Extra Weight to the Trade
Module 8: Effective Risk Management
Module 9: Your 30 Day Action Plan

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