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So, I am a full-time digital marketer and I had the curiosity to learn about social media.

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Simply stated this program teaches you how to make money by helping various businesses improve their social media presence. There is the potential to charge large fees (as much as $10,000 per month according to Tai) which will enable you to build a strong online business and secure your future.

Have you ever wanted to be rich? Rich enough that you never need to think about money? What if I tell you this is all possible?

Yes, you read that right… You need to find the right business model, get the best training and be prepared to work exceptionally hard. Perhaps Tai Lopez’s SMMA 2.0 is the way to achieve this… If all of that happens your dream can become a reality!

Join me while I do a full SMMA 2.0 Review. I will consider the strong and weak points of this course and help you decide – is it Legit?

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…

What is the Price of the Course?
Tai Lopez offers two different payment methods for his SMMA Course: 1 single payment of $697 or 4 payments of $199 each, in total $796. In order to make the course and the offer more attractive, Tai includes an amplified list of “Bonuses”. On his official website he claims that the SMMA Course Package is worth $5,776.

How Can You Actually Use SMMA 2.0?
This is a 4-month training program which features a lot of video content taught by a series of industry experts.

They will teach you how to set up a social media agency and charge businesses $1,000 up per month to manage and run social media campaigns for them.

This is a comprehensive course which will show you how to choose an appropriate niche, set up your business, find well-paying clients and put first-rate social media campaigns into action.

What You Need to Know About Tai Lopez
Tai Lopez has become one of the best-known internet marketing personalities through his extensive use of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets.

His YouTube channel alone has over 1,300,000 subscribers. He is a credible industry expert and if he didn’t know his stuff he would not have been able to build such a loyal following.

He does receive negative reactions from some people, but this is usually due to his brash manner and tendency to show off his new sports car or mansion.

In fact, his credibility is good as he has many high profile features on him in magazines such as Entrepreneur.

He has also been regularly featured on TV, has interviewed high profile business people such as Mark Cuban and has had his YouTube videos used by college professors as an example of effective marketing.

Quick Review: Pros and Cons of Tai Lopez’s SMMA 2.0

In order to gain a better understanding of Tai Lopez’s SMMA 2.0, I wish to run through some of the positives and negatives for you. First up, the pros. These include:

There is a private Facebook members group which is really active. I have found that some similar courses have groups which are stagnant, but this one has over 22,000 active members who will be happy to help you with any issues you are facing. I found it to be a useful and supportive community.
The video content is well organized and easy to follow. I enjoyed most of the content and Tai has gathered an interesting group of people to present the lessons. If you intend to spend 4 months studying something, you need to feel engaged and like the people who are teaching you.
The Social Media Marketing Agency business is likely to grow as an industry. It does seem to me to be the right time to get involved. Some of the other business opportunities online seem to be saturated and have become too competitive, so there appears to be an opportunity here to get involved with this sector relatively early.
There is a huge amount of free material from Tai Lopez online, including for this course, so you can see if his style of training is suitable for you. I recommend you take a look at his YouTube channel so you can take an overview of his many products.
Tai Lopez is particularly strong in teaching you how to improve your mindset and encouraging you to use mentorship. He is an inspiring character and his success proves that he is an industry leader who is worth listening to.

We have seen that this program has various positive things about it, so let’s now consider the cons. These include:

There is a criticism amongst the online community that most of the material for SMMA 2.0 can be found for free if you look around message boards and YouTube. This is a common criticism for courses such as this, but it doesn’t factor in that this is a comprehensive program with everything gathered in one place in an easy to follow manner. You should also consider how important the mentorship and support aspect of this course is to those that study it.
The price I paid for this course is $997 which some people may consider quite high. It is certainly a lot of money to find if you are just starting your business.
However, I found this course to contain a wealth of information so I consider this to have been a wise investment. It is always worth looking out for any discounts or special payment terms being in offer.
If I have one criticism of Tai Lopez it is that he makes everything sound so easy. While he offers plenty of good advice, social media marketing is a specialized skill which requires plenty of hard work to utilize correctly.
There are no shortcuts to having a successful online business and having enough time to study this program and get the marketing right is key.
I can’t emphasize this enough!

Growing wealth takes both time and money. Get rich quick schemes don’t work and you need to be dedicated and hard working to become successful online.

Tai Lopez is a good example of this. Whatever anyone decides about the quality of his products, he works extremely hard which is demonstrated by his online presence and the number of new projects (such as Mentorbox) he undertakes.

Keep reading… I am ready to give my final verdict for Tai Lopez’s SMMA 2.0.

Other People’s Input about Tai Lopez’s Course
I have always had a policy of asking for people’s opinions before I commit to a project. In this case, you are considering committing both time and money to this course, so I have decided to share some of my research with you.

When I set out to review this course, I spent considerable time researching other people’s opinions online. There are many business related message boards, Facebook groups, and review pages to find information.

Some were helpful, but some clearly had a biased opinion, either because they are a competitor or they are trying to make affiliate sales.

I found the best cross section of opinions on Quora and YouTube and I learned a lot of useful information on those sites:

For a Visual Overview of the SMMA 2.0 and a detailed explanation of a couple of features, I recommend you watching this video:

I have given you my honest review, and now I have shared some of the informative comments and videos with you in the hope it will help you make the right choice the first time!

My Conclusion for Tai Lopez’s SMMA 2.0
I believe Tai Lopez has built a lot of credibility over the years and I doubt he would have such a large online following if his products didn’t work.

His SMMA 2.0 course is a legit product which has a wealth of information. The training is interesting and comprehensive and I felt I was learning some useful skills.

Of course, Tai Lopez does tend to make everything sound too easy. His confident manner means he puts a positive spin on everything and the reality is you will need to work hard to make this business a success.

Bottom line?

I enjoyed this course and it represents a real opportunity to build a solid business in a local area where there is not too much competition

For someone looking to build a strong business and work hard at achieving it, I fully recommend Tai Lopez’s SMMA 2.0.

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