Shane Welcher – Smartbot Marketing Masterclass
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Shane Welcher – Smartbot Marketing Masterclass



Our 4 Amazing Tricks With Messenger That Added an Extra 40K In Our Business. Messenger Marketing Secrets for Business Domination

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After Seeing Fake ‘Gurus’ Taking Advantage of People, I Knew I had to Do Something…Automate the Game!

So I made this for you….plus you get our expert ninja chatbot templates all throughout the course.

People talk about making money while they sleep, that is talk, you can’t do that without automating your business.

Being Honest, this is not for everyone…..not for the lazy!

It takes effort, however, if you have what it takes then it’s well worth it and that goes for anything.

I am so confident that you will love the course that I am making this insane offer.

It’s Your Time, Start Today and Begin your journey to make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Let me introduce to what is inside waiting for you!
There is also three sample videos
to help you with success!
We pride ourselves on the latest trends!
Watch This Free Video
ManyChat Email Ninja Trick
ManyChat Email Ninja Trick
Watch This Free Video
Zapier Messaging Ninja Trick
Zapier Messaging If Zap Failed
Watch This Free Video
Facebook Ads Scaling
This Course Includes In-Depth Modules on Facebook Messenger with Facebook Ads + Bonus Modules
Covering THE ESSENTIALS on being Successful in Digital Marketing! And is an Over The Shoulder Build During Course Practice.
***Things learned here are Safe, Secure, and Practical
Amazing Deal!
​ Chapter 1: Facebook Page Foundation
Chapter 2: Mastering ManyChat Basics
Chapter 3: Mastering ManyChat Advanced
Chapter 4: Customization Of Your Chatbot
Chapter 5: Messenger Marketing Agency
Chapter 6: Zapier Digital Marketing
Chapter 7: Facebook Ads Mastery
Chapter 8: Putting It All Together
Additional Bonuses
​Chatbot Templates To Build Success
​Plus Monthly Success Meetings
Extra Bonus: Anyone who finishes to course gets a free personal one-on-one hour of power session with me to skyrocket your business.


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