Richard Telfeja – Ecom Profit Masterclass
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Richard Telfeja – Ecom Profit Masterclass



Ecom profit masterclass is an online course.It claims to provide you every things,tips and tricks you need to build and grow a shopify ecommerce store massively.

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What Is Ecom Profit Masterclass?

Ecom Profit Masterclass is a course designed to teach you everything you need to know about creating an eCommerce business. The course creators make claims about generating massive profits through their system. It’s designed to be taken over the course of six weeks, all while you set up your store alongside.

In those six weeks, Telfeja teaches you the ins and outs of creating a Shopify store, setting up your apps, marketing it, and managing your ads. At the end, masterclass claims you’ll end up with, “a massively profitable Shopify eCommerce business”.

Who Are Laz Chavez & Richard Telfeja?

The course is created by Laz Chavez and Richard Telfeja, two friends who run digital eCommerce businesses together. They started in college, claiming to have built highly successful eCommerce businesses. They claim to have made over $2 million dollars in sales.

Laz Chavez got his start In college, where he claims to have studied engineering at Cornell, when he dropped out to pursue eCommerce. Richard Telfeja was partnered with Frank Hatchett when the course was released, but since then their partnership has dissolved due to unknown reasons.

I would take everything that they say with more than just a grain of salt. The cars that Chavez and Telfeja have contain an interesting record. Telfeja’s car (right) has been sold 11 different times within one year. Chavez’s license plate (left) doesn’t match and known records.

Ecom Profit Masterclass’s Curriculum

The course is broken up into six different modules, with each module acting as one week of instruction. Remember though, if you want a refund you have to complete the six week course within 30 days.

Week 1: Shopify Setup

This part of the course is all about creating your Shopify store from scratch. Telfeja goes over everything you need to know. He shows you how to create your website, handle all the legal pages, buy a domain, connect it to your store, connect your apps, and even create your logo.

Chavez steps in and teaches you how to set up your Shopify store.

He also goes over how to install themes (like the ones provided) , apps, and track your website’s analytics. Overall, this section is all just guided walkthroughs. Unless you were unfamiliar with Shopify, the section provides little to no value.

Even if you are unfamiliar, Shopify is a very user-friendly platform. Spending an entire module solely on creating a website, rather than optimizing it, is a missed shot.

Week 2: Zero Risk Products

The second week is all about researching your products. Telfeja starts out the course by teaching you the basic concept of drop-shipping itself. He then transitions to teaching you the rest of what you need to know, like finding suppliers, evaluating products, and sourcing them to your store.

The product research aspects of this module aren’t as strong as anticipated.  A majority of this course is just guided walkthroughs. Telfeja holds your hand while he teaches you to set up a product, add product tags on descriptions, and use apps.

Telfeja talks this module up in the sales page. Like saying “How to offer hundreds of different products WITHOUT ever spending a dollar on inventory” is him teaching you how to use Oberlo.

Week 3: Apps & Order Fulfillment

This module is another guided walkthrough. While the last one was him teaching you how to use ordering apps, these ones are all the other apps you need. They include sales tracker, email opt ins, currency converters, and abandoned cart recovery.

Overall, this is mainly just Telfeja teaching you which apps are useful. There’s not too much more useful information beyond this, as adding and installing apps on Shopify are very simple.

Week 4: Google Setup

For this week, Telfeja teaches you how to navigate through Google ads. He teaches you things like creating your account, setting your keywords, placing your bids, and creating your campaign. He also goes over some jargon that you need to learn, like CPC or PPC. He then walks you through the steps towards creating your first campaign.

The Google Ads platform can be a bit intimidating, so this week does provide a little value. However, spending an entire week just on navigating Google Ad’s platform is absurd. A lot of this information can be found through many outside sources.

Week 5: Google Ads Setup And Optimization

Continuing off of week 4, this week teaches you how to optimize your ad to provide maximum value. He goes over some basic things like retargeting your ads, and briefly goes over split testing.

Other than that, there’s not too much more advanced strategies beyond this. This week only really talks about targeting potential customers. While it is important, Telfeja could have gone over a lot more advanced strategies that would help more. Instead, all we got is a basic understanding of a platform and a guided walk through.

Week 6: Search And International Expansion

This week teaches you how to expand your store across multiple different countries. While it acts as a separate week, it’s still part of the Google walkthrough itself. All this week really teaches you is using a website called DataFeedWatch, which lists your Google account on international versions of Google.

All that Telfeja essentially does is teach you how to navigate through this website and list your product. he does not delve into any marketing strategies, tips, or advice to emerge on an international market. All he does is teach you to list them. That’s it.

This module is extremely underwhelming. It had the potential to teach you lots about emerging into different economies and markets, but all it does is teach you how to use a website.

Ecom Profit Masterclass Quality

The production quality of the course is quite good. The intro and outro are professional, while it also has very clear audio quality. A lot of the course is screen recorded, so there’s not much variance on the video quality.

Additionally, the Shopify theme that they give you that “made them two million dollars” isn’t any different than one you can buy for $50 online.Other than that, if the personal consulting by Telfeja is anything like the course, don’t expect much from it.

Who Is Ecom Profit Masterclass Best For?

This course is only best for anyone who struggles immensely with technology and navigating through Shopify or Google. If you have the slightest experience with the internet and technology, this course isn’t for you.

The course spends a lot of time holding your hand through various walkthroughs. For anyone looking for advanced strategies to teach you selling and optimization, this course is not for you. it skips over a lot of advanced strategies, but charges you as if they didn’t.

If you have any experience at all, this course is not for you.