Niche Authority Empire $7500 (Local Profit Breakthrough Bonus)



A few months back we set out to create the single greatest training possible to teach you how to rake in massive paydays by learning to become the absolute authority in your niche.

We put together 100 training videos…hired a top copywriter…got ready to unleash it to the world as an exclusive live coaching mastermind.

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Niche Authority Empire $7500 (Local Profit Breakthrough Bonus)(Mod1-4)

“LIMITED TIME MASSIVE BONUS #2: When You Buy Local Profit Breakthrough, You’ll Also Get Access To Our Super Exclusive $7,500 Niche Authority Empire Training!

You read that right. $7,500.

A few months back we set out to create the single greatest training possible to teach you how to rake in massive paydays by learning to become the absolute authority in your niche.

We put together 100 training videos…hired a top copywriter…got ready to unleash it to the world as an exclusive live coaching mastermind.

But then we had a change of heart.

We were in the middle of creating LCT Boot and some other really cool stuff and did not want to spend weeks of our lives on the phone filling up group coaching spots.

Even though some of our beta testers who got to peak inside NAE, a top high end coaching copywriter and the best FB ads person in the biz told us we had an absolute winner on our hands and we were sure to fill up spots very fast.

So we stepped back, took a deep breath and thought…what if we just gave this as an exclusive bonus to you for becoming a Local Profit breakthrough member?

This is some serious next level training that will walk you through, step-by-step exactly how we have been able to go from measly $500-750 clients several years back, most of whom were giant pains in the [email protected]… to averaging $5,000 or more per client.

How we went from taking on every client we could get to only working with who we want.

How we are able to fire the worst 20% of our clients every year, because we know dozens more will be right behind them.

It’s that powerful.

Best part? We’ve taught others how to do this and now you can do it too.

How did we do this?

We learned exactly how to infiltrate ANY niche and learn to become known as THE authority…THE go to person.

What happens when you are known as the go to person in your niche?

Resistance is non-existant.

We’ve used what we are handing you in this training to have clients consistently reaching out to us, pre-sold, ready to do business with us and ONLY us.


Zero resistance.

We are the only logical choice and now you’ll learn exactly how to position yourself the exact same way for big paydays.

Just a quick example-I get lawyers reaching out to me every single month, ready to hire me (and only me).

Sounds too good to be true right?

We’ll walk you through exactly how this works.

A recent lawyer client I signed called ME and 20 minutes later without any selling, I had a brand new multi-thousand dollar per month client.

That’s what Niche Authority Empire is going to teach you how to do.

Any niche, any city.

Apply the exact formulas we teach you in this training and get ready to explode your business.

You’ll stop dabbling…taking on any and every client you can get your hands on and go from cold calling, cold outreach and your current sit and pray model…where you sit and pray you’ll get a new client this month…

…to having the exact right clients picking up the phone to call you and finally pay you what you are worth…all because you became known as the “go to person” in your niche.
Now, there is a catch.

Because we were literally weeks away from filling up high end group coaching positions for NAE at $7,500, you are going to get this, but you’ll get one module per month for 6 months.


This is the single biggest bonus we have ever given and is easily worth hopping into LPB and sticking around.”


We Are About To Teach You The Exact Steps People Just Like You Have Used To Quit Their Job And Build Local Digital Marketing Empires, Doing Massive, Recurring Business

Why 5 Videos Per Week?

  • Let’s face it-there are nearly 120 videos in just this mastermind material alone and if we were to unleash all of that on you at once… you’d be treading water trying to absorb it all.
  • We want you to watch…learn…take action before moving on to the next set of videos. This is some seriously game changing material but we don’t want you rushing through it and then not taking action.
  • Here’s The Bonus $5,000 Mastermind Material You’ll Get Access To-5 New Videos Per Week
  • Mastermind Module 1 -Our Top Secret Fast Ranking Techniques.
  • If ranking websites, YouTube videos or parasites fast has been a mystery to you, you won’t want to miss a second this module.
  • We are going to teach you the exact process, step-by-step, that we use to rank local websites and parasites to #1 in record time, and get them to stick.
  • This is next level stuff that almost no one else is doing.
  • Into ranking YouTube videos? We have you covered. Our main YouTube course (which you also get access to) covers basic ranking, but here we show all of the ninja tricks we use to get super competitive videos ranking at the top of page 1 for almost any term.
  • We also cover conversion optimization this week. You can rank anything you want, but if it doesn’t convert, it won’t matter. We’ll show you how we get the phones ringing for our clients so they never want to leave.
  • Mastermind Module 2 –Setting Up Your Digital Marketing Agency The Right Way: Closing The Deal, Protecting Your Business And Maintaining The Upper Hand.
  • We’ll run you through some of the best ways to set up your business infrastructure to be in a position to massively scale.
  • Without this -it will be tough for you to have more than a handful of clients. But learn this, and you can grow your business to hundreds of clients if you want and be able to manage them seamlessly.
  • And -keep them happy.
  • You’ll also get our complete arsenal of the contracts and proposals we use and learn why we use them, plus how to price properly to get premium fees for every single service you sell, AND how to protect you and your business with the right contractual language…
    …plus -how to make sure you own and have full control over as many properties as possible and how the right contractual language will ensure this.
  • Do this wrong and you could have clients try to claim ownership to sites you own.
  • Mastermind Module 3 -Becoming Client Acquisition And Selling Machine.
  • Starting in this module and continuing into week 4, we are going to teach you how to generate leads week in and week out for your business.
  • But you can become very good at getting a huge influx of leads and not know how to close them.
  • In this week you are going to learn exactly what we do and say to get clients saying yes nearly every time.
  • You’ll learn an endless array of tactics that we use to find and close local clients every single day who are hungry for your services.
  • Hint: Some are so simple and so dead -on effective, yet almost no one uses them. We pick up clients daily using these secrets.
  • You’ll learn exactly how to position yourself and your services so you don’t come across like everyone else in town.
  • SEO is after all, a dirty word.
  • So we’ll teach you exactly how we become a business owner’s marketing partner by showing them gaps in their existing business and positioning ourselves as marketing experts, not just SEOs.
  • SEO is only one component of what it takes to earn premium fees as a local digital marketer.
  • Get ready to eliminate price shopping for good.
  • There simply won’t be anyone else they could compare you with once you start applying the tactics we teach you this week.
  • Mastermind Module 4-Lead Generation Part 1
  • Don’t want to find or even talk to clients?
  • In Module 4, we do a deep dive into many more client acquisition strategies.
  • BUT more importantly we show you how we automate the client getting process through in -bound marketing and how we’ve used this technique to close several, multi -thousand dollar a month clients -some without even a single phone conversation!
  • We’ll also hand you every funnel we’ve used to turn SEO on its head to land high paying clients. Yep the exact funnels.
  • You are also going to learn some wicked copywriting tactics that ensure your funnels have big conversion numbers.
  • Translation: You’ll get a hell of a lot more clients just by learning exactly how we break down copywriting.
  • Mastermind Module 5 -Lead Generation Part 2
  • How we use Facebook, Google Adwords and even proprietary tools to get clients reaching out to us, asking us to call them every single day.
  • This technique is so effective, we recently used it to pull in 11 lawyer leads in just 9 days who want high dollar pay per lead services. Our cost to generate the leads? $125.
  • Then we used this wicked tactic to nab a total of 67 lawyer leads, resulting in 8, multi -thousand dollar per month pay per lead clients!
  • I’ll also hand you my entire full Facebook marketing course that lawyers have paid thousands for.
  • Learning this one technique is so effective it’s worth the price of admission alone.
  • You’ll also see my complete marketing funnel and how I attract high end clients initially and then get them more and more excited through a series of follow up emails using psychological triggers that get them picking up the phone or emailing me, pre -sold and ready for your payment link.