Neil Patel – Advanced Marketing Program
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Neil Patel – Advanced Marketing Program



If you are interested in getting more customers, maximizing lifetime-customer-value (LTV) and scaling your business, then this may very well be the most important letter you will ever read!

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The Advanced Marketing Program is the ONLY resource you’ll EVER need to turn your business into a thriving, automated, revenue-generating machine.

Hey friend,

It’s Neil Patel here…

Listen—I value your time and our relationship, so let me get right to it.

The fact that you’re reading this right now means you are interested in or curious to know more about the Advanced Marketing Program.

You have questions, and I have answers. Now whether or not I can help you achieve 100% of your goals, we don’t know yet.

So let’s handle that first…

Neil Patel

You’re currently facing one or more of these issues in your business:

You have a lack of expert INFORMATION you can fully trust
You or your team lack the knowledge to IMPLEMENT what you already know
You don’t know what action items to PRIORITIZE
You know the value of MARKETING but don’t know where to begin
You’ve reached a ceiling and need help SCALING your business

You have one or more of these goals but aren’t hitting them:

You want to shift from working IN your business to working ON it
You want more CUSTOMERS or leads
You want to increase the amount of REVENUE you’re earning from each customer
You want to AUTOMATE more of your business and earn passive income
You want more passive income because you desire FREEDOM

Do You Identify with Any of the Issues or Goals Above?

If so, you should keep reading. But let’s make sure we really clear this up.
Who This Program is For?

Business owners and marketers who want to INCREASE PROFITS by selling software (SaaS), information products, e-commerce products, or online services.
Entrepreneurs who want to implement a proven 22-STEP STRATEGY for taking their business to 7-figures (or more) quickly and sustainably.
Marketers who want to access the most CUTTING-EDGE strategies and tactics working today and into the future.
Driven individuals who believe knowledge is POWER and taking action gets results.

Who This Program is Not For?

Brick-and-mortar business owners like restaurateurs or local retail business owners. (I love you guys, but this model just won’t work well for you).
People who are looking for a new business opportunity and want to get rich as quickly as possible. (Hint: that mindset doesn’t work!).
Anyone who wants instant results just because they joined without taking real action and implementing what I teach you.

Let Me Show You the POWER of Marketing

At this point I just helped you either qualify or disqualify yourself from reading further.
So, can this program help you?

Rather than tell you myself, I’m going to illustrate that in a bit below by sharing feedback from our members and case studies.

But here’s what you need to understand about the businesses I’ve built: NONE of it would be possible without learning and implementing specific marketing tactics.

And here’s one of my secrets: I only implement these tactics ONE at a time.

Where most people fail is by getting overwhelmed and consuming TOO MUCH INFORMATION all at once. They lose focus and try everything they’ve ever heard of to break through and grow their business.

Listen…as a friend I want you to know something: that DOESN’T WORK!
Want to know what works?

Taking PROVEN tactics and learning them one at a time through multiple methods (video, audio, text, etc.)…EVEN IF it’s something you think you already know.

Because guess what? You should NEVER stop learning, and just because you learned it once doesn’t mean you can’t improve your understanding on the topic.

Once you fully understand something, your job is to TAKE ACTION and implement it immediately while it’s still warm in your mind.

This is what separates 99% of business owners from the rest. They actually DO the work and implement it all.

This is what works. I know this from my experience building FOUR different multi-million dollar businesses.

And you know me, I’m not trying to impress you…

I’m simply trying to impress upon you that I’ve already done this before and KNOW it works, because I’ve also helped countless clients do the exact same thing.

If marketing was a science (which I believe it is), understand that I have been testing these methods in the laboratory like a mad scientist for a DECADE.

I want to help you accomplish the same thing, and that’s why I’ve created a program that gives you access to my entire “secret portal” AKA my “marketing laboratory”.

BUT FIRST we need to talk about a couple “myths” that I also faced when I first started my journey as an entrepreneur.

Myth #1
It Worked For Them, But it Won’t Work For Me Because….[INSERT B.S.].

If that thought has ever crossed your mind, then you are hurting yourself with some pretty bad B.S. (Belief Systems).

You see…with that type of mindset you are SABOTAGING yourself and not even giving yourself a chance to succeed.

The reality is things take TIME…

When something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean it’s broken — it means you need to “pivot” or “iterate” and shift.

The strategies I teach WILL work for you, but only if you believe they will and are willing to pivot and shift when necessary.

I know one thing for sure, and that is that nothing beats EXPERIENCE.

Accessing someone else’s proven methods is a shortcut, because rather than failing on your own you can learn from their failures and experiences.

Myth #2
I need a lot of money to truly scale my business and implement marketing tactics.

When I first started to learn about digital marketing I was a teenager—just 16 years old.

I had already been burned once by a marketing agency, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I was what you’d call a “scrappy entrepreneur” and was simply bootstrapping my business.

No funding, no big budgets. Just me and a laptop.

I’ve learned a lot since then, and if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I can’t stand OVERPAYING for anything. I love a good deal and strategies that pay more value.
Please pay attention to this now…

Marketing is like INVESTING. Some activities require some cash upfront, and others are just about making small deposits over a long period of time.

The reality is that much of your marketing requires ZERO cash.

The point is to implement the activities that you CAN right now, build your business, and then re-invest your profits back into the business.

THEN, once you have additional cash, you can choose to spend more on marketing (like I do now).

For example, I now allocate a significant amount of my budget on YouTube advertising (and I’d put in more if they’d let me), but it wasn’t this way before.

FIRST I implemented the basics, which you’ll learn about in my Advanced Marketing Program.

Once I got traction I began to hire contractors, buy traffic, spend money on ads, and more.
The Advanced Marketing Program

My 45-Module Course for Creating, Scaling, and Automating Your Business Using My Secret Marketing Tactics

45 Modules of Training over 12 Months

Learning Through: Audio, Video, Written Exercises, Cheat Sheets and Manual Guides

Everything broken down into Easy Pieces

The Big Promise:

In just the first 90 days, you can be in the top 10% of all online businesses by implementing just one tactic: a bulletproof sales process and infrastructure.

The BEST part? You don’t need to be super smart or savvy to use my business roadmap.

In fact, people that just follow the steps without overanalyzing tend to do better. So DON’T OVERTHINK the process, just take small steps every day.

And even if you do already consider yourself smart or savvy with marketing, keep an open mind and follow the straightforward structure.

This IS the path to breaking through and getting results!

SO—what’s inside the Advanced Marketing Program?

Well, I can’t possibly fit everything on this page, but let me share a rough outline of what we’ll be covering.

Note: of course this is subject to change and constantly evolving. Also, there are some “high level” concepts that may not be listed here.


The Advanced Marketing Program

Module 1: Target Market Insights and Data
Section 1.1 Introduction: Mindsets for Success
Section 1.2 The Business Intelligence
Section 1.3 Your Bigger Contribution
Section 1.4 Target Market Insights and Data
Section 1.5 Customer Nightmares and Miracles
Section 1.6 Trigger Words

Module 2: Competitive Intelligence, Part 1
Section 2.1 Competitive intelligence – Introduction
Section 2.2 Identifying & Reverse Engineering Competitors
Section 2.3 Traffic Statistics and Traffic Sources
Section 2.4 Advertising Budgets
Section 2.5 Demographics and Geography
Section 2.6 High ROI Keywords

Module 3: Competitive Intelligence, Part 2
Section 3.1 Competitive Ad Copy and Landing Pages
Section 3.2 Competitive Sales Analysis and Swipe File
Section 3.3 Buying Pattern Analysis
Section 3.4 Reverse Engineering Technology

Module 4: Branding and Core Story
Section 4.1 Creating a Long Term Branding Strategy: Overview
Section 4.2 Using Competitive and Client Intelligence for Branding
Section 4.3 Crafting the Elements of Your Core Story
Section 4.4 Naming to Create Higher Perceived Value
Section 4.5 Drafting Your UVP and USP

Module 5: Persuasion Essentials, Part 1
Section 5.1 Reality Bubbles
Section 5.2 Speak Your Client’s Language
Section 5.3 Demonstrate Deep Understanding
Section 5.4 Creating a Reachable Hero
Section 5.5 Leading and Pacing

Module 6: Persuasion Essentials, Part 2
Section 6.1 Persuading Through Story
Section 6.2 Advanced Persuasion Techniques: Overview
Section 6.3 Top Hypnotic Sales Techniques
Section 6.4 What NOT To Do! (Persuasion and Hypnotic Sales Techniques)
Section 6.5 High Performing Sales Close Techniques

Module 7: Crafting a Sales Process: Overview
Section 7.1 Complete Overview
Section 7.2 Walk Through of the Full Process
Section 7.3 Competitive Sales Process Analysis
Section 7.4 Define Your Sales Process

Module 8: Creating a Core Offer
Section 8.1 Core Offer: Why You Need One
Section 8.2 How to Create an Irresistible Offer
Section 8.3 Reframing
Section 8.4 Offer Optimization Framework

Module 9: Writing Compelling Copy For Your Core Offer
Section 9.1 How to Create Copy that Compels and Converts, Part 1
Section 9.2 How to Create Copy that Compels and Converts, Part 2
Section 9.3 How to Create Copy that Compels and Converts, Part 3
Section 9.4 Editing the Document, Part 1
Section 9.5 Editing the Document, Part 2

Module 10: Additional Core Offer Sales Resources
Section 10.1 Creating the Sales Page
Section 10.2 Refining Your Pitch
Section 10.3 Six Direct Mail Letters

Module 11: Creating a Tripwire
Section 11.1 Why and When You Should Use a Tripwire
Section 11.2 Choosing the Right Tripwire
Section 11.3 More Tripwire Examples

Module 12: Creating a Lead Magnet
Section 12.1 Why Everyone (Even You) Needs A Lead Magnet
Section 12.2 Choosing the Right Lead Magnet
Section 12.3 Lead Magnet Checklist
Section 12.4 Lead Magnet – Landing Page Checklist

Module 13: Creating Profit Maximizers
Section 13.1 Why You Need Profit Maximizers
Section 13.2 Creating Profit Maximizer Offers
Section 13.3 CPA, JVs & Affiliate Offers

Module 14: Writing Compelling Email Sequences, Part 1
Section 14.1 Overview
Section 14.2 The Authenticity List
Section 14.3 Drafting Your Hook
Section 14.4 Connecting Through Conflict, Flaws, and Lessons
Section 14.5 Bullets
Section 14.6 Long vs. Short
Section 14.7 Call to Action
Section 14.8 Sequences and Thematic Threads

Module 15: Writing Compelling Email Sequences, Part 2
Section 15.1 Email KPIs
Section 15.2 Email List Building Tactics
Section 15.3 Warming Up a Cold List
Section 15.4 List Connection Maintenance Tricks & Tips
Section 15.5 Segmentation and Tracking
Section 15.6 Templates & Resources

Module 16: Lead to Customer Conversion Sequences
Section 16.1 Conversion Sequence – Overview
Section 16.2 E-mail Copy Framework
Section 16.3 Conversion Sequence – Brainstorm Worksheet
Section 16.4 Email Deliverability – HTML, Video & Text

Module 17: Creating a Converting Webinar
Section 17.1 Overview
Section 17.2 Introduce Yourself
Section 17.3 Paint Your Problem
Section 17.4 Balance Value and Overwhelm
Section 17.5 Sell Your Solution
Section 17.6 Crafting Your Registration Process
Section 17.7 Post-Webinar Sequences
Section 17.8 Resources and Tools

Module 18: Writing Winning Video Sales Letters
Section 18.1 Overview
Section 18.2 Crafting Your Story Hook & Headline
Section 18.3 Painting the Problem
Section 18.4 3 Part Call-to-Action
Section 18.5 Logistics and Deliverability

Module 19: Advanced Sales Close Techniques
Section 19.1 Overview
Section 19.2 Consultative Selling vs. Parrotting vs. Hard Selling
Section 19.3 Diagnosing Problems for Yourself
Section 19.4 Value Selling vs. Selling a Thing
Section 19.5 Pre-Close Conceptual Buy-In

Module 20: Traffic Tracking, Part 1
Section 20.1 Lead Source Tracking and Optimization
Section 20.2 Vital Metrics Dashboard
Section 20.3 Metrics, Data, & KPIs
Section 20.4 Arithmetic Rules!
Section 20.5 Conversion & User Tracking

Module 21: Traffic Tracking, Part 2
Section 21.1 Email Link Tracking
Section 21.2 Email Segmentation
Section 21.3 Google Analytics for Email Tracking
Section 21.4 Email Campaign Performance
Section 21.5 Email Lead Tracking – Active and Inactive Leads
Section 21.6 Email Analytic Tools & Resources List

Module 22: Traffic Tracking, Part 3
Section 22.1 Test Budgets
Section 22.2 Looking at existing SEO and Social Data for Test Markets
Section 22.3 Troubleshooting a Campaign with Poor ROI
Section 22.4 Determining “Bad Campaign” Cutoffs

Module 23: Retargeting and Pixels
Section 23.1 Retargeting Lists
Section 23.2 Retargeting and Conversion Pixels
Section 23.3 Retargeting Sequences
Section 23.4 Retargeting Ads
Section 23.5 Recommended Networks
Section 23.6 Remarketing Grid

Module 24: Paid Media Overview & Swipe
Section 24.1 Paid Traffic Overview
Section 24.2 Swiping on Facebook
Section 24.3 eCPM Dedicated Email & Mail Drops
Section 24.4 Google Customer Match

Module 25: Paid Media, Part 1
Section 25.1 Facebook Ads General Overview
Section 25.2 Facebook Ads for Pros – Type Overview, Part 1
Section 25.3 Facebook Ads for Pros – Type Overview, Part 2
Section 25.4 Facebook Ads for Pros – Type Overview, Part 3
Section 25.5 Facebook Ads for Pros – Strategies
Section 25.6 Facebook Ads for Pros – Tips & Tricks

Module 26: Paid Media, Part 2
Section 26.1 Linkedin In Ads for Pros – Overview
Section 26.2 Linkedin In Ads for Pros – Strategy
Section 26.3 Pinterest Traffic Overview
Section 26.4 Periscope Traffic Overview
Section 26.5 Instagram Traffic Overview
Section 26.6 Youtube Traffic Overview
Section 26.7 Twitter Traffic Overview

Module 27: Paid Media, Part 3
Section 27.1 PPC Networks
Section 27.2 Ad Networks
Section 27.3 Offline Ads
Section 27.4 Affiliate Networks

Module 28: Paid Media, Part 4
Section 28.1 CPA Networks
Section 28.2 Traffic Agencies
Section 28.3 Mobile Ads
Section 28.4 Google Adwords – Content Networks

Module 29: Content Marketing Essentials, Part 1
Section 29.1 What Is Content Marketing
Section 29.2 Your Target Audience
Section 29.3 What Search Engines Want
Section 29.4 Content Strategy

Module 30: Content Marketing Essentials, Part 2
Section 30.1 How to Write Like a Pro
Section 30.2 Content Writing Secrets
Section 30.3 Content Creation Templates
Section 30.4 Overcoming Common Roadblocks
Section 30.5 Crafting Winning Headlines

Module 31: Content Marketing Essentials, Part 3
Section 31.1 Publishing Your Content
Section 31.2 Managing Your Content
Section 31.3 Generate Clickable Content
Section 31.4 The Editorial Calendar

Module 32: Content Marketing Essentials, Part 4
Section 32.1 Promoting Your Content
Section 32.2 External Link Building
Section 32.3 Getting on Huge Media Websites
Section 32.4 Additional Templates & Applications

Module 33: Building and Curating a Content Network
Section 33.1 Overview
Section 33.2 Different Content Types
Section 33.3 The Psychology of Making Business Friends
Section 33.4 Making Your Shortlist & Crafting Contact
Section 33.5 Email Recognizance Tactics
Section 33.6 HQ Guest Bloggers For Your Blog
Section 33.7 Alternative Guest Blogging Ideas

Module 34: Delegating and Outsourcing
Section 34.1 Prioritizing Your Time
Section 34.2 Automate & Centralize Accountability
Section 34.3 Finding Help
Section 34.4 Writing Attractive Hiring Ads
Section 34.5 Screening Prospective Contractors
Section 34.6 Creating Online Teams & Company Culture

Module 35: Strategic Partners and JVs
Section 35.1 Webinar and Teleseminar Strategic Partnerships
Section 35.2 Syndicate & High Level Masterminds
Section 35.3 Endorsed Traffic
Section 35.4 Setting Your Affiliate System Up
Section 35.5 Finding & Motivating Affiliates

Module 36: Creating an Info & Consulting Product Funnel, Part 1
Section 36.1 Overview
Section 36.2 Info Product Idea Bank
Section 36.3 Info Product Structure
Section 36.4 Info Product Tips/Tricks
Section 36.5 Info Product Deliverability

Module 37: Creating an Info & Consulting Product Funnel, Part 2
Section 37.1 Info Upsell 1: Group Coaching
Section 37.2 Group Coaching Structure
Section 37.3 Group Coaching Deliverability
Section 37.4 Info Upsell 2: High End Consulting or DFY
Section 37.5 High End Consulting or DFY Deliverability
Section 37.6 Reframing and Bundling
Section 37.7 Tools and Resources

Module 38: Product Launch Big Picture
Section 38.1 Launch Essentials– Overview
Section 38.2 Gather Your Assets
Section 38.3 Creating Your Plan
Section 38.4 The Precious Feedback Loop

Module 39: Instant Start Live Launch
Section 39.1 Instant Start Live Launch – Broad Overview
Section 39.2 The Core Product Dilemma
Section 39.3 Sign Up Sequence
Section 39.4 Promotion
Section 39.5 Delivery & Feedback
Section 39.6 ISLL Tools & Resources

Module 40: Momentum Launch
Section 40.1 Momentum Launch – Broad Overview
Section 40.2 Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse
Section 40.3 Choosing Your Upsell
Section 40.4 Momentum Sign Up Sequence
Section 40.5 Alternative Promotion
Section 40.6 Delivery & Feedback
Section 40.7 ML Tools & Resources

Module 41: Multi-Tier Launch
Section 41.1 Multi-Tier Launch – Broad Overview
Section 41.2 Creating the Labyrinth
Section 41.3 Swinging Upsell – Downsell
Section 41.4 Continuity
Section 41.5 Promotion Ideas
Section 41.6 Delivery & Feedback
Section 41.7 MTL Tools & Resources

Module 42: Engineering a Rolling/Evergreen Launch
Section 42.1 Overview
Section 42.2 Sequential Funnel
Section 42.3 Evergreen Pages
Section 42.4 Multi-Video Sequence
Section 42.5 Note on Scarcity and Tracking

Module 43: Conversion Optimization, Part 1
Section 43.1 Testing for Mastery
Section 43.2 A/B Split Tests Overview
Section 43.3 Heat Map Overview
Section 43.4 Squeeze Page Conversion Testing Part 1
Section 43.5 Squeeze Page Conversion Testing Part 2
Section 43.6 Landing Pages Conversion Testing Part 1

Module 44: Conversion Optimization, Part 2
Section 44.1 Landing Pages Conversion Testing Part 2
Section 44.2 Sales Pages Conversion Testing Part 1
Section 44.3 Sales Pages Conversion Testing Part 2
Section 44.4 Email Test Variations
Section 44.5 Email Test Metrics
Section 44.6 Pop-Up Performance Testing
Section 44.7 Conversion Tools & Resources

Module 45: Automating and Scaling
Section 45.1 Overcome the Plateau
Section 45.2 Hyper Delegating
Section 45.3 Automating Accountability
Section 45.4 The Threshold of Risk
Section 45.5 Expansion Planning
Section 45.6 Long Term Elastic Tools
Section 45.7 Testing & Performance Measurement

BONUS Module 46: Bigger Integrated, Stacked, and Compounded Marketing Strategies
Section 46.1 Overview
Section 46.2 Stack & Compound Strategy 1
Section 46.3 Stack & Compound Strategy 2
Section 46.4 Stack & Compound Strategy 3
Section 46.5 Wrap-Up