Mindvalley – Jeffrey Allen – Unlocking Transcendence
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Mindvalley – Jeffrey Allen – Unlocking Transcendence



Brought To You By World-class Energy Healer And Spiritual Teacher Jeffrey Allen. We Nourish Our Bodies With Food And Work Out In A Gym To Keep Ourselves Physically Healthy. But How Do We Nourish And Work Out Our Soul So We’re Spiritually Healthy As Well?

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Jeffrey Allen – Unlocking Transcendence
This Is How We Structured Unlocking Transcendence So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible
Here’s What’s Included:

01 Part 1: Self-Awareness
(Day 1-10: December 17th – December 26th 2018)
Level 1: Location Awareness
Focusing your awareness and stretching your awareness
Deepen your experience of spatial awareness
Sensing your awareness independently from your physical body
Journeying outside your body and into the stars
Applying Location Awareness in real world
Level 2: Time Awareness
Using Time Awareness for different times in your life
Moving through time for understanding your past and future
Choosing your future by changing timelines
02 Part 2: Physical Awareness
(Day 11-20: December 27th 2018 – January 5th 2019)
Level 3: Physical Awareness
Deepening your awareness of your physical & energy body
Getting deeply connected & in-tune with your body
Noticing and relieving pressure on your body to be a certain way
Healing your body’s prototype cell
Applying Physical Body Awareness for a powerful presence
Level 4: Energy Awareness
Feeling energy flowing through your body
Healing to release stuck energy from your body
Moving your energy body independently from your physical body
Bringing both bodies into perfect synchronization
Balancing conflicting advice from others regarding your health or body
03 Part 3: Mental Awareness
(Day 21-30: January 6th – January 15th 2019)
Level 5: Mental Awareness
Outer Mind Awareness and Inner Mind awareness
Becoming more organized & clear with your thoughts
Improving your listening
Turning down the noise and mental chatter
Being in flow through awareness of your environment
Seeing through your own mental filters
Breaking through your mental ceiling
Level 6: Listening Awareness
Developing a more compassionate mind
Listening to the pulse of the world
04 Part 4: Spiritual Awareness
(Day 31-40: January 16th – January 25th 2019)
Level 7: Intuition
Going beyond your body & mind with your perception
Validating your Spirit essence
Understanding what intuition feels like
Sensing things through intuition
Mixing your physical & intuition awareness
Using your intuition for remote viewing
Improving your confidence & success with intuition
Tuning into the Akashic Records to access information
Discovering clues for healing recurring patterns in your life
Level 8: Spiritual Connection
Exploring past lives
Viewing multiple sets of information at once
Deepening your connection to nature & the planet
Changing your connection with others
Tapping into your connection with Higher Intelligence
05 Part 5: Emotional Awareness
(Day 41-50: January 26th – February 4th 2019)
Level 9: Emotional Awareness
Changing your relationship with your emotions
Having clear boundaries with others
Finding & releasing old stored emotions
Feeling all your emotions and discarding inauthentic ones
Transmuting your emotions into gratitude & joy
Refining your emotional map
Avoiding damaging emotional outbursts
Level 10: Empathic Awareness
Exploring your Empathy Awareness
Using your empathy to tune into specific emotions
Matching others consciously to gain understanding
Clearing out all the stored emotions that are not yours
06 Part 6: Impact Awareness
(Day 51-60: February 5th – February 14th 2019)
Level 11: Personal Awareness
Feeling & amplifying your positive personal impact
Shifting unconscious negative impact you have on others
Improving your friendships and trust with others
Communicating with someone telepathically
Reducing potential conflicts before talking to anyone
Talking telepathically while you’re having a verbal conversation
Using telepathy or spirit to spirit communication in relationships
Focusing your efforts to make a bigger impact
Seeing opportunities to align with your bigger plans for impact
Find a clear path forward for making the impact you desire
Clearing unconscious patterns that sabotage your success
Level 12: Global Awareness
Using your spirit to broadcast your message to the world

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