Mike Koenigs – GoLive and Profit
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Mike Koenigs – GoLive and Profit



Mike Koenigs – GoLive and Profit

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FACT: Speakers Make More MONEY. Period.

Come to our Million Dollar Studio in San Diego and join a small group of likeminded professionals and walkaway with your completed Ted Talk, feedback, headshots and more!
If you can’t make the dates listed on this page but definitely want to attend, we will share a list of dates after purchase that you can choose from.

During this LIVE In-Studio Event, You’ll.
Discover the Insider Secrets for Getting PAID for Sharing Your Expertise, Time, Experience, or Story! We’ll show you how to do this even if the last time you spoke was in Mrs. Potter’s 6th Grade English Class! PLUS.

Learn how to pitch, persuade, entertain, educate and close deals so that you can get booked, get paid speaking fees, sell products, sell books, sell consulting, and even host your own events and build and grow any business with speaking and events.turn your book into a paid or platform speech!
Ready-to-Use Forms and Documents: order forms, pricing and package ideas, sample proposals, agreements, contracts, scripts and strategies to pitch and close from the stage!

Bonuses – Exposure and Access!

You get to make a presentation that can be added in the product!* You’ll get to present your speech in a TED-style format and get a critique by the You Everywhere Now Team.
Your presentation will be added to the membership site* for massive exposure to our audience
* Your presentation must maintain professional quality standards and content that is deemed beneficial to our audience and drives value to the viewer.

PLUS! Fast Action Bonuses

Exclusive access to Webcast Profit Toolkit course (currently retails for $1,997). This is the industry standard for showing you how to market and promote through video or live streaming content.

This Offer Includes.
Everything you need to build a successful speaking business. What would it be like to get calls out of the blue, fly first class, stay in the finest hotels, and get PAID to help people with your message?

And, here’s what makes this product SO DIFFERENT than any product on the market.

Most products teach you what to do and nothing else.

In Speak and Profit, we.

1. We show you step-by how to make a ton of money as a speaker.

2. We give you all the forms, scripts, templates, and agreements so there is no guesswork.

3. THEN (and this is HUGE) we promote you and your talks to our community so you can get feedback, leads, and deals.

Listen.isn’t it time you started working less and making more? This revolutionary new system leverages what you already know to get you leads and customers without cold-calling or leg-work.

Think about it – what do the most successful business owners ALL have in common – they speak! Oh.and you don’t need to be flashy or even good. You just need to follow this plug-and-play done-for-you system.

You can review, watch, listen to or read the entire Speak and Profit course and start getting speaking deals in as little as a few days because the entire program is broken down into THREE easy-to-implement modules. (In fact, there is one segment that will show you how to get a flood of deals right away).

This exact system has been used and implemented by hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants in dozens of countries to create new (and BIG) revenue streams in their spare time!