Menekse Stewart – The SEO Bundle
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Menekse Stewart – The SEO Bundle



A 12-week live programme to help you make Google go googly-eyed for your website.

For 12 weeks, you’ll get new tutorials that are broken down into actionable steps. You can listen to them via video or on the go via audio with the SEO with Menekse programme podcast. There’s a little break in the middle to give you space to catch up!

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I love an analogy, and there are two favourites that typically help people get really excited about the why of SEO – because when you know the why, consistent action becomes a whole lot easier! I hinted at these earlier, but here’s a more detailed explanation.

Imagine having a physical shop or office space where you welcomed customers and clients. You’d have to think about rental contracts, utilities and tax, as well as interior design and visual merchandising, not forgetting window cleaning, vacuuming, emptying bins, and changing lightbulbs. SEO is the digital equivalent of these things: Making sure your online presence is clean and tidy, and welcoming to visitors.

Now, imagine that you’ve got a big box of books to donate to your local library. But plot twist: all the covers are brown paper. The librarian has no idea what they are or where to put them, so she puts the box in a back room for when she has time to come back and look properly. If we ignore SEO, it’s like giving Google a box of brown paper books.

If you’re like the majority of small business owners, you’ve heard terms like “SEO” and “keyword research” and made a note to get them sorted.

But then you Google the term “SEO checklist” and get 15,500,000 results.

You click on the first one, and it’s full of jargon.

You click on the second one, and it leaves you with more questions than you started with.

You click on the third one, and make a start, but then you end up in a YouTube rabbit hole trying to figure out what a meta description is when your Shopify or Squarespace website only gives you an SEO description.

Ready to throw your laptop out of the window, you bookmark the tab and promise yourself you’ll go back to it another day.

Sound familiar? That’s the experience of so many others like you.

YouTube University and Googling SEO will quickly leave you in a state of content overwhelm and jargon-induced anxiety.

What’s included in SEO with Menekse?

A personalised SEO folder prepared for you containing everything you need to get stuck into the programme with confidence.
12 weeks of tutorials: Actionable tutorials for each week will be released on a Monday at 9am UK / 4am ET in both video and audio formats, so you can watch or listen to them at your convenience throughout the week.
Weekly feedback sessions for real-time support & troubleshooting: Got a question or something you’d like feedback on? These live sessions each Tuesday at 7pm UK / 2pm ET are interactive and provide you with plenty of time to ask questions and get support.
Weekly office hour sessions where you can drop in for 1-1 support: Drop in and ask me questions on Voxer each Thursday from 12pm UK / 7am ET through to 9pm UK / 4pm ET.
Access to private members’ area on Slack for a minimum of 12 months: Got questions in between feedback sessions and office hours? Put them in Slack at any time, and I can reply to you there!
Detailed strategy maps, templates, and checklists for your website, SEO, and content marketing so you’re clear on exactly what you need to do at every stage.
Lifetime access to the course material, so you can go watch and rewatch any time!