Matt Clark & Mike McClary – The Omnichannel Machine Beta
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Matt Clark & Mike McClary – The Omnichannel Machine Beta



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The Omnichannel Machine Beta – Matt Clark & Mike McClary
At the end of 2018, I had a hunch…
I talked with Shopify’s affiliate manager who had been with the multi-billion dollar company since almost the beginning. What he told me blew my mind…
He said some brands on Shopify that nobody had ever heard of before were doing $40 million…$60 million…even $100 million per year on Shopify! I dug in to figure out HOW.
The secret is applying old-school infomercial principles of an attractive product + mass market advertising to the digital age in which you can reach millions of people with a simple image or video uploaded from the phone in your pocket.
So in January of 2019, I joined forces with a business partner to use this insight to scale a new ecommerce business…
The first month, our sales were $17,000. By the end of the year, we were selling over $600,000 per month. Today, we sell over $2.5 million per month…90% of our sales are on Shopify (only 10% are on Amazon).
Over the past three years, I’ve tested and refined this new model of ecommerce that’s NOT dependent on Amazon or any single platform. After $57 million in sales with this system, I’m finally ready to share it with a select group of people…
For the first time ever, you get to build your own omnichannel ecommerce business using the same system I’ve used to build my $30 million ecommerce brand. We call this program, The Omnichannel Machine!
Here’s what The Omnichannel Machine includes:

A step-by-step online program taught by me and two other multi-million dollar ecommerce entrepreneurs, Mike McClary and Devin Dorosh
8 modules of powerful training walking you through every step from finding your product, to getting a supplier, to branding, to pre-selling, to launching your product, and to scaling as massively as possible first on Shopify, then every else
6 months of live group coaching
6 months of unlimited 1-on-1 support from us and our team
Proven resources, templates, and checklists to build your business

If you’re serious about building your own ecommerce business, this is the best method to do so.
In the future, this 6-month program will be priced at $6,000 to $10,000, which is a steal considering who is teaching it (us) and the power of the business you’ll build.
However, because this is the first time releasing it, you can get full access for only $6,000 $1,997 (67% off)!
This offer will not be made again – this is your only chance to get this as a Beta member.
All we need from you is for you to (1) implement everything we teach fast and thoroughly and (2) share your results with us.
If you’re serious about building an ecommerce business now, then click the button below to join the Omnichannel Machine Beta Program today before time runs out!


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