Llewelyn James – Flagship Trading Course
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Llewelyn James – Flagship Trading Course



Learn How To Program, Test and then Manage a Portfolio of Market-Beating Quantitative Stock Trading Strategies

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Learn Step-by-Step How To Build and Manage a Market-Beating Portfolio of Stocks and ETFs”
Watch the Video Below to Discover Some of the Flagship Trading Course Features…
The NDX100 Momentum Portfolio and Source Code Will Provide You With the Tools and Knowledge To Build a Market-Beating Portfolio…
Are you a long-term investor but believe that you could manage your money more actively to improve your risk adjusted returns?
Have you ever wondered how Hedge-Funds manage their long equity portfolios?
Are you looking for a long-term strategy that will compliment your shorter-term strategies?
Do you have limited free time but want to achieve higher returns than your money manager has provided?
Would you like a systematic method for building and rebalancing an equity portfolio which has been proven to beat the market by triple digits, with a third of the draw-down.
Would you like a systematic method for targeting a predetermined amount of portfolio volatility?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the NDX100 Momentum Stock Portfolio is a perfect fit for you.

The NDX100 Momo Stock Portfolio Trading System*
*Performance Statistics (Conservative NDX100 Momo Model) Updated 08/09/16
Average % Profit Per Trade and CAR%
This system has an average profit per trade of 9.33% and a CAR of 13.36%

The Data That You Need
End of Day dividend adjusted data for Stocks in the Nasdaq100.

Max System DD %
If employing a monthly rebalance the system had a 16% Maximum DD during the sample period.

Trades Per Year
The system produces an average of 41 trades per year with a maximum number of open positions capped at 25.

Average Length of Position
Open positions are held for an average length of 4 months.

Charting Tools Required
Standard Bollinger Bands, ROC% and ATR indicators are all that you require.

Out-Perform During Bull markets and Learn How to Scale Out During Bear Markets

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