JT – Seven Figures Marketing
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JT – Seven Figures Marketing



CPA Affiliate Secrets Exposed:
Make $100 Per Day With CPA Marketing In 30 Days Or Less…

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This half is for people with little online experience who don’t have a business and are interested in starting one or understanding the business model.

There are 10 modules, and they explain how to get started, setting up a land page, and sending traffic with free advertising methods.

The 1st module welcomes you to the course, and you get access to JT’s contact email and the private Facebook group.

The 2nd module is 4 lessons explaining what’s CPA marketing and the best networks you can join. To start out your career, you have 80,000 different CPA offers you can promote.

The 3rd module talks about a program named Max Bounty. Besides what it is, you also have lessons on how to access it, the payout dates, getting your affiliate link, which offers you should promote, contacting an affiliate manager, and which strategies help boost your offers

The 4th module goes into how to get your domain and link it with a landing page you’re going to build in the following module.

The 5th module teaches you what landing pages are and how to create one for yourself. The videos talk about which builders are the best, how to come up with an idea for your page, and how to insert the links.

The 6th module explains how to use Facebook to drive free traffic towards your page and offers. JT talks about FB groups, how to make a post go viral, increasing engagement on your posts, and how to stay on FB’s good side.

Module 7 is a rare approach for an affiliate marketing course. It goes into using Craiglist to get more traffic. It teaches you how to use cards and setting up PVA’s as well as emails. Other videos cover which descriptions you should use, how to time your ads, preventing bans, best CPA products for the platform, how to spy on your competitors, and what to do if you get clicks but not sales.

The 8th module is about Instagram marketing. You learn how to set up a profile, which offers are better for the platform, examples of landing pages and how to get one from Fiverr, using Peerfly for links, boosting conversions, using social proof, using Canva, influencers, and some scripts for reaching them.

The 9th module covers Twitter, and it’s a single video explaining what it is and how to use it to market your offers.

The 10th and final module goes into YouTube. It’s another video explaining how you can use free videos for promoting your affiliate products.

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