Jonathan Smith – Ecom Titans
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Jonathan Smith – Ecom Titans



Jonathan has a unique ability to break down this business to its essential tasks. This is not to say his approach is basic.

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I believe that the ultimate sophistication is simplification. I’ve perfected the dropshipping business model and now I’m willing to share it with you.
EXACTLY how I run my stores .
Up until now, I’ve only shared my secrets with a select few. I charge $10,000+ for 1 -on-1 consulting. This is your chance to learn my methods at heavily discounted price .
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Are you tired of watching training videos full of rambling and worthless outdated information ? You spend 95% of the time Wishing the “coach” or “guru” would just get to the point and tell you what to do and how to do it .
You’re in luck…
Ive decided to create a series of short videos with only the information that you need so you can Construct a strong foundation that you can continue to build upon for years to come ,
No more worrying that the methods being taught are from last year or that the person teaching it is holding out on you