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Ultimate Arms is a complete 6 week (5 days per week) workout program that includes all upper body and leg training as well as the most sophisticated approach to training arms (and getting them to grow!) ever seen

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This is a six-week program to achieve the perfect balance between mass and definition. Like all of Jeff Cavaliere’s programs, this one isn’t about getting huge, but getting a lean and powerful build.
What level of fitness is this program right for?
This program is rated intermediate to advanced. You can do Ultimate Arms as a stand-alone training, but I recommend at least going through AX-1 first so that you have a good foundation in Cavaliere’s techniques.
What’s included in Ultimate Arms?
The Athlean X Ultimate Arms program comes with 6 progressive modules – one for each week of the program.
Here’s an overview of each one.
Firing Range: This training “wakes up” your arm muscles to make the rest of the trainings more effective
Fiber Opt-X: You’ll learn the methodologies that create stronger contractions in your arm muscles for max gains.
CXC: Get more out of each rep with this unique training.
Jeff’s Ladder: Learn how to increase your work threshold so that you don’t stall out on results.
Triple Contraxion: This module gets into super intensity and teaches you how to prevent plateaus.
Arm-Ageddon: Can you get past the ultimate arm challenge?
Bonus: Apex Leg Training: This bonus module will give you everything you need to make leg day a success while not taking away from your arm workouts.
Jeff’s arm program also includes his X-Factor Meal Plan and the Vascularity Road Map to get arms with veins and arteries that pop.
Overall, this is a complete program that does what it’s intended to do – give you all the resources you need to start developing (or continue developing) great arms.
What gym equipment do I need for Ultimate Arms?
You’ll need the same equipment as you do for AX-1. A workout bench or exercise ball, a pair adjustable dumbbells (or Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells), a chin-up bar, and some resistance bands.
But many people do this program at the gym where they can use standard gym equipment.
What are people saying about Ultimate Arms?
When reading what people are saying about this program it’s clear that it’s effective, but not as intense as AX-2 or NXT, so if you are looking for a break and want to work on your arms, this is a good program to pick.

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