James Van Elswyk – P3 Scaling System



James Van Elswyk’s Business Scaling System That Is So Disruptive You Have To Sign An NDA When You Purchase.
If You Want To Build A Sustainable Company Of Loyal Team Members That Fight Your Battles, Bring New Ideas To The Table, And Man The Ship When The Captain Is Away, Then This Training Will Show You How.

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James Van Elswyk – P3 Scaling System

If You Want To Build A Sustainable Company Of Loyal Team Members That Fight Your Battles, Bring New Ideas To The Table, And Man The Ship When The Captain Is Away, Then This Training Will Show You How.

James Van Elswyk

I’ve Hired And Fired Thousands Of People Across Many Industries Over The Past 26 Years.
I’ve Scaled One Business From 8 Employees To 80 Employees In One Year And Up To 440 In 2.5 Years.
I’ve Scaled My Lead Generation And Ecommerce Media Buying Business From 1 Outsourced Campaign Manager To 35 Employees (25 In-House) And 10s Of Millions In Revenue In Only 2 Years.
My “Data-Proven Method” Of Building And Scaling A Business Works So Well, I’ve Been Able To Build An Entire Creative Department Outside The U.S. In Less Than 30 Days And Scale It To 14 Full-Time Employees. Note: I’ve Never Visited The Department Once, And None Of The Employees Even Speak English. And The Department Is Consistently Profitable!
Trained Multiple Media Buyers From Zero Knowledge On How To Buy Media… To Eventually Managing Millions Of Dollars In Ad Budgets.
I Currently Run Multiple Highly-Successful Multi-Million Dollar Companies With Employees That Never Call Out Sick Because They F***ing Love What They Do And Are Inspired To Work.
You’re One Step Away From Unlocking…

Over 6 hours of easy-to-follow business “secret sauce” training that has been tested and proven to help scale teams from 3 employees to 35 or more, and do it while maintaining profit.
Behind the scenes look at exactly how I (James Van Elswyk) position my businesses to constantly be bringing in profit even when I step away for a week and not look at my phone once. This is the “auto-pilot” you’ve been looking for!
How to find your “business edge” and then use it as the epicenter to help build your business around it so that you stand out in the marketplace as someone with massive authority.
How to put a cost to every single thing you do. This strategy helps you see exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out, which allows you to safeguard your valuable time.
The right and wrong way to set goals according to projects, time management, and cash flow.
The science-backed way to hire and fire and eventually get to a core team that wake up with tons of energy and are excited to help build the company (if you’ve been dealing with “time watchers” waiting to run out the door at 5 PM, then this part of the training is worth the price alone).
How to hire in different GEOs and how to “split test” employees so you always choose the winners.
The RIGHT WAY to use gamification that gets everyone involved.
What to look for in a media buyer and how to find your winner media buyer so that you can trust that person with millions of dollars in ad spend without looking over his/her shoulder.
PLUS when you secure your order now, you’ll also get 2 hours of behind the scenes training from the one and only, Josh Elizetxe, the CEO and founder of Snow Teeth Whitening. He lifts the curtain and shows you how he has built several multi-million dollar companies with a bare bones team.
Bonus! When you checkout now, I’ll even throw in my exact interview questions that I use every single time, the job posts that work like crazy, and my coveted “Media Buyer Hiring Test.” (Yes. I test my media buyers before I even do an interview with them. This is key if you truly want to scale big.)
PLUS much, much more.
“I’ve been managing media buying teams for over 15 years, and I still learned a ton from James’s P3 Scaling System. Seeing exactly how he designed, organized, and manages his team allowed me to identify multiple opportunities to evolve and improve our team’s existing operating structure. This led to reduced headaches, increased team accountability, and ultimately accelerated revenue and profit growth.”
-David O’Connell

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