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Five Reasons Land Flipping Is the Best Real Estate Investment
Here at the Land Profit Generator, we’re sitting on a little-known secret: Land Flipping is one of the absolute easiest and best ways to make money in real estate.

The Land Profit Generator is about investing in vacant land, primarily in rural areas. The program teaches you how to buy land for 5% to 20% of its value and flip it in days or weeks. It also includes training videos, legal documents you can use, and tools for preparing and offer and working out a sale with seller financing.

So what is the philosophy behind my system? Basically, it teaches you how to find land owners who don’t want their land anymore. This might be the case if the land was willed to them by a distant great-uncle, if they bought it to build their dream house with their sweetheart but then the romance went sour, or if they got a high-paying job across the country. Whatever the specific circumstances, some people decide that they just don’t want to keep paying the property taxes on a piece of real estate that they have no plans of using.

Or maybe the property was an investment that didn’t pan out. Some people make bad investments; it’s as simple as that. They buy a piece of property for an inflated price during a boom and expect to make millions in one sale, and when they can’t find a buyer they get disillusioned; they buy a piece of retirement property but then decide to stay in their old house; they buy a property as a gift for a family member who ends up not needing it. For whatever reason, some people buy real estate with unrealistic hopes and are quick to give up when things don’t work out as expected.

Once you get a list of property owners in a specific county, all you have to do is send them a letter indicating your interest in purchasing their land for below market value and then just field the phone calls as they come in. Focus on owners who live out of state and might never have even seen the land with their own eyes

The Land Profit Generator has been around for several years and the methods it teaches have made many people (myself included) very wealthy.

What is Land Flipping?
The simple definition is this: you buy a piece of land for pennies on the dollar and sell it for a whole lot more.

Why Land Flipping?
There are actually way more than five reasons, but we’ll keep this short and sweet.

1. There’s not much competition
The fact that so many people overlook land flipping is what makes it so profitable. You’re not competing in a saturated market, so you’re able to find motivated sellers and incredible deals. Be warned though: in the next few years, more and more people are going to hear about land flipping, and the competition will increase exponentially. But YOU will have the edge, because you got started BEFORE the rush.

2. The return on investment (ROI) is phenomenal
One of our students took our course, then went and closed on her first deal in less than 30 days and made $47,000. On a piece of land that cost her $1500. There is no other real estate asset class where you can buy property for 5-10% of market value, and sell it for 70-80%, or more.

3. It’s easy to find deals
The people we’re looking for in the land flipping business are people who bought their property a long time ago and just don’t want it anymore. It’s getting in their way. They don’t want to maintain it or pay taxes on it any longer. Which means they’re motivated to sell quickly and for dirt cheap. We’re not in the business of trying to convince people to sell us their land. They’re practically begging us to take it off their hands.

4. You don’t need much cash upfront
Unlike a house, which is still tens of thousands of dollars at its foreclosed cheapest, you can find pieces of land for just a couple thousand dollars or less. All you have to do is a few of these smaller deals and turn a big profit. Then you’ll have the cash you need to buy bigger parcels of land. Another thing we teach in our Land Profit Generator program is a concept called the double close, where you buy a piece of land and sell it on the same day. In that case, you don’t need to spend a dime of your own money.

5. Seller financing can generate cash flow
We’ve had land flipping deals where we sell a piece of land to someone, and they put a down payment on it that covers the entire price we paid for it. Then they get seller financing set up, and their monthly payments are just cash flow icing on the cake.

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