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Why this course?

Most lectures on marketing, sales, and “business” are taught by academics… theorists.

Theorists have never run a company, never raised money, and never had to explain to their boss why they didn’t hit their numbers.

Once I saw a “social media viral strategy” course that looked promising. Before enrolling I researched the instructor… 59 followers on Twitter. What gives?

What will I learn

  • How to acquire customers
  • Technical marketing skills
  • 7+ channels proficiency

Who this is for

  • Marketers with 1-3 years experience
  • Developers with serious side projects
  • Pre-launch founders

What’s included

  • 8+ weeks of curriculum
  • Quizzes and exercises
  • 1:1 mentorship

What’s next

  • Get ready to learn a lot
  • Get ready for hard work
  • Get ready to level up

Sales Page:_https://growth.gxacademy.com/

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid