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Authority Hacker Pro is our flagship training program including all our most advanced tactics for high level, experienced marketers.

We treat of topics like advanced SEO, scaleable link building, email marketing, or deep sales funnels. Learn from over 400+ over the shoulder videos, plus new tactics added regularly.

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Authority Hacker Pro is the most complete authority site training program on the planet
Learn how to grow successful authority sites with us

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Authority Hacker Pro is lifetime access to our most advanced training programs & updates, together with lifetime access to our Pro community.
Over 420+ step-by-step over the shoulder “blueprint” video courses with full lesson notes.
Copy / paste marketing templates, automations, landing pages, workflow systems, hiring plans and more.
Detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to give to your team so they can execute for you.
An active community of elite marketers you can turn to for advice, motivation and partnerships.

output more content than ever
With our advanced content creation blueprints

Everyone knows that successful websites must have great content. But how do you scale content production, while also improving quality and cutting costs?
It’s very challenging to do all of that at the same time.
This is why we have put together a collection of advanced blueprints that show you exactly how to setup your content production engine for maximum productivity.
The Keyword Research Blueprint: Inside this blueprint, we will build a framework that will allows you to consistently find new keywords you can rank for with your site. You will also be able to keep a close eye on what’s working in your niche so you never miss a winning trend.
The Building Your Content Team Blueprint: To grow, you need to produce a lot of content and it needs to be super high quality. In this blueprint, we’ll show you our incredibly detailed hiring process and how you can use it to hire a team of A-players to create content for you, without breaking the bank.
The Editorial System Blueprint: In this blueprint, we’ll show you exactly how to structure content into repeatable formats that you can train your staff to execute with minimal input from you. You’ll also build a complete editorial production workflow system.
Learn how to find unlimited profitable keyword & content ideas on tap.
Build an all star outsourced team with our full hiring & vetting process.
Build a content production system that can manage over 50 writers at the same time.
Completely systematize your content production engine and explode your traffic.

Josh used the editorial blueprints provided inside Authority Hacker Pro to build a content creation process that allows him to publish 24 high quality articles per week on his site.
This system allowed him to take over his competitors and become the #1 photography education site in the world, in terms of search traffic, in a matter of months.
This allowed him to grow his authority site and build a team of 20+ people. He now has big plans for the future!

When it comes to generating huge organic traffic, if content is king, links are definitely queen.
And getting links that make a difference is harder than ever. You need lots of high quality links. The only way to achieve this without upsetting Google is to build scaleable link building systems and processes.
This is why we built not one but three extremely efficient but most importantly complementary blueprints. These allow you to scale white hat link building while also getting super high DR links from some of the top sites on the internet.
The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint: This incredibly in-depth system will walk you through the most efficient white hat link building system ever documented. It will allow you to build a high volume of relevant links without the need for a massive team or a ton of cash.
The Guest Posting Blueprint: Guest posting has a come a long way in the last 8 years. The strategies you need to make it work in 2019 are vastly different. But most people are still using 2012 tactics. That’s why they aren’t getting results. In this blueprint, we show you have to really get results using both Sniper and Shotgun approaches with our latest systems and processes.
The HARO Blueprint: Sign up for the Help A Reporter newsletter. Answer Questions. Get links. Easy, right !?! Well, not quite. As with most things in link building, the devil is in the detail. Our tried and tested system has consistently got us some incredible links. We’re talking DR 90+ here. In this blueprint, we’ll give you that exact system.
Never struggle building links to your sites ever again
Build variety in your link profile
Acquire links from incredibly high authority sites
Automate, Outsource & Systematize link acquisition

Sebastian Schaffer from
Sebastian is a historical member of Authority Hacker Pro where he learned the initial version of the Shotgun Skyscraper.
Not only did this link building framework allow him to finally make his own websites take off and earn thousands of dollars of passive income per month.
But he also started an extremely successful link building agency relying entirely on the principles taught inside The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint.
Sebastian has now built an entire business that sustains him, his partner and his employees, solely with the knowledge included in the link building blueprints.

SEO is a great start. But the key to growing real authority sites fast something much more valuable in the long run: repeat visitors.
There are more platforms than ever for you to build a following. Learning how to run each of them properly can be daunting. We’ve already figured it out for you. You just have to focus on executing our tactics so you can bring people back your site again and again.
The Giveaway Blueprint: Use this highly repeatable marketing tactic to quickly grow a large follower list on all social platforms and email to build a platform to promote your content from.
The Content Promotion Blueprint (Coming Soon): This blueprint will show you exactly how to get eyeballs on your content just after your press the “Publish” button but also how to continuously drive traffic and engagement to older content on autopilot.
The Email Marketing Blueprint: Learn how to build an automated email system that engages and sells to your biggest fans. Whether you have your own products or you just promote affiliate offers, this will take you from zero to hero when it comes to engaging and selling with email.
Grow your social followings using incredibly effective giveaway tactics
Learn how to use all your channels to drive targeted traffic to your content efficiently
Grow and engage readers through email marketing

Convert followers into buyers
using advanced funnels & affiliate tactics
Learn more about this blueprint

20 videos
Learn more about this blueprint
11 videos
Learn more about this blueprint
15 videos
What’s the point of building a following if all you get is likes and retweets?
Your ability to monetize your audience is the #1 factor YOU have control over that will determine how fast your business grows. If you can grow traffic but get pennies for your visits, it doesn’t matter how much of an SEO or social genius you are, you will always be broke.
So we have prepared monetization formulas you can use to quickly transform traffic into dollars. Simply pick the ones that make the most sense with your business and abilities, and follow it until the first check lands in your mailbox ;).
Building an Info Product Blueprint: This we walk you through the exact process we have used countless times to create high-quality information products on our sites, even if you are not an expert. This structured approach will help you output a truly helpful product that will thrill your new customers.
The Evergreen Funnels Blueprint: Learn how to sell any product on your site incredibly effectively using a mix of evergreen scarcity and powerful sequences and copywriting tactics. This blueprint alone is responsible for millions of dollars of revenue in our business.
The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint: Learn how to use affiliate marketing creatively to promote offers to your audience and maximize the conversion rate by mixing multiple mediums such as emails, ads, social, and blog content.
Build products fast to monetize your audiences efficiently.
Learn how to sell more products using evergreen scarcity
Build advanced affiliate funnels to maximize your audience value without owning products

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