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How I’ve Built Multiple 6 & 7-Figure Dropshipping Stores By Simplifying My Workflow And Focusing On Proven Products

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Gabriel St-Germain – Ecom BluePrint 2.0
“How I’ve Built Multiple 6 & 7-Figure Dropshipping Stores By Simplifying My Workflow And Focusing On Proven Products”

What is eCom Blueprint?

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eCom Blueprint is a case study based course in which I reveal two of my dropshipping stores – one that generated over $1 million in 5 months, and the other over $300k in 2 months (approx. 20% profit for both).

You get to see behind the scenes how I started these stores, ran the ads, and managed all the operations. The goal with this course is to give you a proven step-by-step blueprint to follow.

What’s New in the 2.0 Version?

eCom Blueprint 2.0 contains over 4 hours of new content, covering my latest Facebook ads strategies in-depth and revealing a new case study.

In the new case study, you will learn about a store that I started from scratch in June 2019 and quickly scaled to over $300k in sales.

What You Will Learn

​How to select a proven product to build a one-product brand around
How to create a high-converting store using a simple but effective template
How to kickstart your sales and gather data using cost-effective influencer ads
How to launch a product with Facebook ads and generate sales consistently
​How to scale to $5000/day in profitable ad spend with Facebook ads
​How to make attention-grabbing video ads that convert sales
How to effectively automate order fulfillment & lower costs with an agent
How to structure your customer service team with virtual assistants
​How to develop the winning mindset you need in order to succeed
Includes two “reveal-it-all” case studies
More Reasons to Join

60 lessons, 10 hours of video content, & free updates for important changes
​Get access to a very active private Facebook group with myself and other course members
​Get the contact information for my dropshipping agent

You understand the dropshipping model and know how to set up a simple store with Shopify
​You understand the basics of Facebook ads
​You’ve watched my Free Course playlist on YouTube already, and you want to take things to the next level
Discover the proven blueprint that has created multiple 6 & 7-figure stores.
What you’ll get:

Step-by-step blueprint for starting your own profitable one product store
Two in-depth “reveal-it-all” case studies: $1 million in 5 months, and $300k in 2 months
60 videos (approx. 10 hours) taught by eCommerce expert Gabriel St-Germain

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