Forex Video Course – Quality FX Academy
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Forex Video Course – Quality FX Academy



we equip average people – whether complete beginners or advanced students in the matter of the financial world – with knowledge, hel them to be profitable in the financial markets and/or become financial free in the long run.

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1 Introduction into the QFX Academy & the Forex Video Course

2 Introduction into the world of trading, especially the forex market

3 Introduction into technical analysis

4 In-depth module technical analysis incl. market psychology

5 Introduction into fundamentals

6 In-depth module fundamentals

7 Capabilities & skills

8 Introduction into mindset, emotions & feelings

9 In-depth module mindset, emotions & feelings

10 Acquiring knowledge through +50 real explanatory market setups

11 Course evaluation: Give feedback, rate our course, make suggestions (voluntary)

12 Course exam: Deepen the acquired knowledge (voluntary)

13 Upcoming videos: Tell us which topics should be covered in the future

14 Telegram forex signals channel


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