Ezra Firestone – eCommerce All-Stars – My 8-Figure Ecom Formula
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Ezra Firestone – eCommerce All-Stars – My 8-Figure Ecom Formula



Hey everyone. For the last 6 months the iStack Training team has been hard at work putting together the most valuable ecommerce training course ever created.

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THERE’S NO TRICK. Just take your business and apply the best traffic campaigns , conversion funnels, and customer retention techniques. AND THAT’S WHAT YOu’LL DO AT THIS EVENT
I’ve spoken at just about every eCommerce event in the industry , so I know what makes one great : It’s the right information at the right time
Easy enough, right?
Finding the right infomation is the hard part, because a lot of people think they have it right. But when you come to a Smart Marketer event, you know I’m giving you the absolute most-effective, most-current, most-tested information in the industry.
I’m offering you the same strategies I used to build one of the biggest Shopify stores in the world, and insight into how to tailor them to work for you.

What you get:
2-day access to eCommerce ALL-STARS.

My traffic campaigns, conversion funnels, retention strategies and behavioral automation.

The latest on Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.

My all-star guest lineup (to be announced) – specialists on business strategy, Facebook, conversion optimization, search marketing, and more!