esc.SWAT – Chris Svorcik – Simple Wave Analysis & Trading
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esc.SWAT – Chris Svorcik – Simple Wave Analysis & Trading



What you’ll study in this course:
Value Motion Patterns​
Spot giant strikes, and take positions earlier than the remainder of the market does.​
An easy strategy to commerce the waves without figuring out or counting them.​

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The ecs.SWAT method course is an all-round package which offers technical education on wave analysis, trading systems and MT4 indicators & tools. The course explains how traders can understand chart patterns, price swings and waves in a simple way without overcomplicating their trading. The method also helps traders to understand the price chart as a road map offering trading opportunities and pinpointing higher probability entries and exits.

The ecs.SWAT approach can be applied to all financial markets and on all time frames as well. The system is suitable for traders of all experience levels but will require more study and learning for beginners. The concepts can be used on any platform but the ECS indicators are only available for MT4.

The main focus of ecs.SWAT method is on patterns, the method is excellent for traders who use price and wave patterns, wave analysis or Elliott Wave Theory as part of their analysis or trading.

The course is presented in video and can be watched as many times as needed. The course also includes extra webinars that explain Fibonacci, trend lines chaos theory, fractals,…

What will you learn
Three fully rules based trading systems (totally non-discretionary)
Five discretionary trading systems (3 with trend and 2 counter-trend)
How to use the ECS indicators and tools on MT4 platform for entries, trend, and more
How to use moving averages for understanding the chart, wave, and price patterns
How to use moving averages for understanding impulsive price, trends and trade setups
How to use moving averages for understanding pullbacks, retracements, reversals, and targets
How to use the ECS Wizz tool for spotting wide open spaces where strong momentum is expected
How to use the ECS Wizz tool for finding the best targets
How to use oscillators and tools for improved and quick wave counting
How to use oscillators for divergence patterns
How to discover the best swings for Fibonacci and the most accurate Fib levels
How to use multiple time frame indicator for trend direction
How to use the ECS Fractal indicator for understanding the underlying patterns and trend
How to find point of confluence and decision zones
How to trade at decision zones
How to trade break, bounces, pullbacks
How to read candlestick patterns for decisions and entries
How to apply trade management
How find the best entries, exits, stop losses, and targets
How to approach trading psychology
How to approach risk management

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